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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Start of a homemade guru? The Tutu Story

To stick to a New Years Goal of getting off my duff and start making something of and for myself and family, led to the motivation of making things from scratch. Whether it be food or home goods including clothes. 

When I was a kid I didn't have a good impression of homemade clothes. My mother used to make a few of my summer dresses and a few shirts which was fine. However the hang up was when she took my store bought dresses that still fit on the top, however because I would have a growth spurt (as all kids do) they turned in to mini skirts, she would find the "matching" (that kind of looked like the dress material but was off) material and sew an extra panel to the bottom of the dress. To an eight year old all ready getting teased and bullied because I was different having this fashion faux pas was just another nail in my coffin. 

By associating this with the sewing machine and the horrid dresses that my mom tacked with extra material, I disliked dresses and the thought of home made anything made me think of clothes looking cheep and dirty.

Flash forward twenty years I met my husband and he had a love of sewing. Soon I was introduced back into the thing I vowed not to touch back when I was an eight year old child. A Sewing Machine. The fabric store was easy to get back into. The feel of the yards of different fabrics made my brain explode with different ideas of things to make. Maybe a bag, maybe make an actual piece of clothing or something like a bed sheet. A few years later I got pregnant and I got all the Winnie the Pooh material, patterns and accessories to make everything a nursery would need. However a good majority of material is still uncut, the patterns are still folded and the accessories have been used a little. Though I did manage to make a quilt for my first daughter, but that's a different story.

Two and a half years later, I had my second daughter and my eldest was getting into girly things like princesses, also their fluffy dresses and Tutu's. However to spend the money on one pre-made tutu with out braking the bank is hard. So I decided to make two. One for my eldest and one for my baby girl. 

On my quest to the fabric store I found an organza I thought would be nice as a topper to the tutu rather than just plane white tutu.
The organza I used
The problem was with the tulle. How to make the multiple layers with out cutting each piece individually. I solved the problem by folding the tulle fabric to the correct size that I wanted, I sewed  it to the top and bottom layer of organza (I feel tulle is a bit itchy so I used the sheer part of the organza to make a backing), I cut the folds and sewed a pink ribbon on it.

My baby girl trying it on. She wasn't too happy about being the model however I did get to snag these pictures. It should be with a white onesie or a nice shirt and leggings.

Now on to my eldest's tutu!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Twine you want to win a 100 dollars?

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Potty Training Update - $2 and some change

from In Recovery
Well its been two days and my daughter has earned a grand total of $.95 cents today and $1.45 yesterday. I think its working though she's not telling us yet. I know baby steps however I just want one kid in diapers soon!

I will be taking the loose change from the piggy bank and trading it in for bills so we can keep using the coins. Also it will be easier to count!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paying out of pocket for potty training 
This is what we have decided to do about potty training. Pay her in coins. Its bribery, clear and simple. I mean that's what parents do at this age, bribe them with something that they want. Usually a Skittles or M&M's, small candies that get kids to do their business for cheep and small sugar highs. 

Me and my husband don't let my daughter eat that many sugary treats, we are realists and know that she will have a sweet tooth and buy what she wants some day, but I didn't want her first thrills be revolving around candy. I know it works for most kids, however its different for us. 

We decided to pay her the loose change around the house for a potty reward. After all its a good start to get excited about money. This is the break down of what we are giving her:

$.05 for telling us she needs to use the potty
$.10 for just sitting on the potty
$.25 for going pee pee
$.50 for poo poo
A total of $.65 if she does all the above

Once she has completed this we wash hands and then hand her the amount she's earned and she places it in her piggy bank for the future.

The thing we need to do is tell every one in the family what we are doing this so we can be consistent with this instead of wavering from one reward system or to another. 

Are there any other tricks of potty training that I am not doing for my daughter? Please let me know!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3 months young

Baby Grace is three months old!
I learned that in three months my heart could grow another size larger, my want of another life is growing like the little one in my arms. However it seems that I am faced with the life of a working out side the home mom. As much as I try it seems that the goal of at least being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is very out of reach. 

My Mother in Law, the one that stated that she may not be able to watch Grace, is now rushing me to get Grace on the bottle, reminding me that in two weeks I become the night and weekend care giver, like Bella when she was her age. I didn't want that status then I don't want it now. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stunning absolute.

Confession - I want to stay at home.

Like most work outside the home moms, the elusive quest to stay at home is like the quest for the Holy Grail, especially living in the Bay Area. In 2009 I wanted desperately to quit my day job and stay home with my first daughter to see all of her firsts. At 3 months and some change of her life I went back to work with a pump and a heavy heart.

2.5 years later I was gearing myself up to do the same thing with now my second daughter until my husband brought home some news. My MIL might not be able to watch this one as she did with the first.

With my mind racing, I thought of the possibility that I will be going from Work Out Side the Home to Stay At Home Mom in less than 3 weeks before I would have to return to work was overwhelming. I would also have to take care of my first who would be pulled out of daycare because with just one income my husband couldn't afford the $1200 extra a month on his salary.

I figured I would need to make an income too. I figured an amount no less than $1000 per month to pay the phone bills, some of the other small bills and incidentals like gas and clothing for the kids. I don't have any super bills like a car payment under my name so that's a blessing. And I would need to also pay off the credit cards I have (which are two) and one has reoccurring debit on it.

I am working on a pet project that might give me some flexibility but it's still in the planing stages. More on that later.

Any SAHM advice would be welcomed.