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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 2 months of life Baby Grace

Two months and a day ago, I thought I would not be able to love two girls.
Grace a few hours old

You proved me wrong.

I love you and your sister, (though trying as both of you maybe) with a love that can not be expressed in words.

You have survived the kissing and hugging and patting from Bella.

You have survived mommy's melt downs with and with out medication. Mommy is the one that's in need of medication.

You have survived another milestone in your small short life. 

Grace at 1 month
You are teaching me another lesson in slowing down and taking one step at a time and to remember to breath.

You are letting me experience the joy of motherhood a second time and seeing life through your brand new eyes.

This time I am a bit more relaxed.

This time I don't feel the pressure of trying to have the perfect anything and everything.

This time I know when you look into my eyes, I know what you are thinking... well some of the time.

This time I can do what's right for me and not feel like I am going to hurt you. 

All I want to do is love and hold you.

Thank you baby Grace.
Grace at 2 months old

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Traveling with family this weekend

Friday I go on a thousand mile adventure to the great Northwest and back. I am looking forward to the time away from my residence, however I am not looking forward to the mode of transportation that my husband suggested we take. In either the RAV4 or the Cube. Yup traveling by CAR. 

We get to have a two month old, a two and a half year old in back, while my husband and I rotate the driving towards our destination up north for 11 hrs. 6 hours to the hotel where we spend the night and another 4.5-5 hrs to the final destination. Portland OR.

I would prefer a 2 hr flight, rather than listening to my two month old cry for a half an hour on the freeway because we get stuck in traffic. The TSA agent pat down to my toddler ask "what that?" or "we going that way?" six times too many and can't take a pill to lessen the stress because it makes me drowsy and can't drive. The feeling that I am on vacation using some rental car rather than my own knowing the mileage will count against me when the car insurance renews.  Maybe I am hyping this up in my head. Then again maybe not. We will see come Friday.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Review of Sew Curly Creations - A Pink Blankey for Grace

I love to follow Mom-businesses on twitter. I don't remember when I started to follow Sew Curly Creations on twitter (@SewCurlyK) but I think it was due to something she said about her three little girls that made me want to follow her. Also being a entrepreneur of hand crafted items I could learn from her as well.

One day she posted that she needed some test babies for her new blanket idea she had in December. Since I was due in a week I thought maybe I could help her out. Even if my new born didn't get the chance to test drive the item I would still know I tried and maybe the next time.

There were several people that wanted to test the blanket out and Grace and I were chosen. She asked me what the baby's name would be and I stated I didn't know until the birth. She said when the baby was born just let her know and she would work on the blanket. A week later Grace came in this world and I told her when I was able. And started the look out for the blanket.
Snug in the blanket.
When the blanket got to my house it was nicely wrapped in tissue paper and had a few business cards of hers tucked inside. I inspected the embroidery and it was nicely done. It didn't have the huge sheet of backing that I find in other embroidered items and I really dislike because I have to throw the excess away because it falls off in the wash and gets other clothes dirty.

The blanket edging is nicely done. Instead of the pointed edging, its squared and is a little heavier than the blanket, which is nice because it gives it a little weight so it won't blow away. There are a few rough spots, however it shows that it was hand made and not done in a factory.

The material for the blanket is a soft pile that is cushy, the only draw back to it is that it does cover the nice work of the embroidered name. If it was done on the shorter side of the fabric, I think the name would stand out more. However the name is still visible and in very nice script.

When my Mother-in-law saw it she said it was very beautiful asked me where I got it, and at the same time my daughter who is two and a half asked where her blanket was and proceeded to get a possessive of the blanket until I explained that this was Grace's special blanket and she had her own.

In the weeks following the arrival, it has been washed several times because of the regular happenings of the baby and has been dropped on the ground by accident as well. My major fear in the beginning was washing it and the color of the blanket bleed into the white of the words. As one wash led to two, not only did the letters stay white, the rest of the wash (I don't separate my whites from my brights) stayed their same color as well.

I am very happy with the quality and how it keeps my daughter warm. I wish this would have been a colder winter as she does run a little warm during the days, however it does help at night when we are coming back in the cold and the few blankets we have are a bit too warm for her right now. And just recently I took it to Grace's first Yoga class and used the blanket and a couple of moms said that they liked the blanket and wanted to know where it came from.

My rating would be 3.5 out of 4 stars - As I stated there are a few things that are small like the one end of the blanket and the nice embroidery covered by the material. As this is a test run to see how things are in the real world for her design and it keeps my daughter warm, I can honestly say I think this blanket is going to be with us for a very long time as Grace's comfort blanket.

My cat kneading the blanket. 
He stayed and slept on it next to Grace.

Please note: I was not paid for this review nor the rating I gave. I did get the blanket for free and was not told to write a review in exchange.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yoga for the baby, Yoga for the Mommy @ A Body of Work

I am on maternity leave and have really nothing to do till I go back to work. Ok, be a Stay At Home Mom for a little bit, go to MD appointments for me and Grace, and of course be home to welcome Bella home from day care. Besides that I have nothing to do with Grace.

So,  it took two and a half years, I finally joined the Golden Gate Mothers Group. As you can gather from the name, its local San Francisco mothers group that has a lot of moms trying to find some activities for their little ones during the day. Since I am one of those moms right now I wanted to have some fun with Grace while the Summer... I mean Winter weather was good. So my first foray into the realm of being a SAHM with a little one is Yoga. More specifically Baby Yoga from A Body of Work.

The studio is by the Lucas Arts Studio in the Presidio by the Lombard gates. The studio itself is very nice, hardwood in the studios and the latest equipment (from what I saw). The instructor was very nice at the door as I walked in. She was very kind and told me where I could get mats and blankets. There are mats and extra blankets there so if you're like me and don't have a mat and they have plenty to spare. Because it was a GGMG day the instructor said there were more moms than usual so it made me want to come back to see what it was like in a typical class.

The instructor, when the class began, told us that the class was very flexible to the baby's needs and if we needed to feed, change a diaper or leave because the baby was over loaded that was totally fine. 

Grace wasn't very fussy as some of the baby's there but wanted to be fed and was overloaded with new movements a few times. She liked looking at the baby next to her, a cute chubby 6 month old and something called "Roll-ly Poll-ly" where you hold both hands and feet with your hands and roll the baby side to side from ear to ear and the Dino walk (modified because there were so many moms), her in my arms, with my legs spread out shoulder with a part and bent. Then rock slowly to one side pointing that toe and very slowly going back to the bend and rocking to the other side and repeat on the other side.

She didn't like (right now) anything to do with movements of her limbs. The instuctor said that it might happen as being almost two months Grace might not be fully aware of the limbs yet, so we are going to practice at home. 

We also did some baby massage as well. Grace didn't mind the massage of the legs, and again it was a little short because of the size of the group. however it was a good experience for Grace and I and like I said before I am going to go when its a "normal class" to see what the difference is. 

(I was not paid for this review, I did this on my own accord)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've been thinking

I've been thinking about sprucing up my blog. I've got one too many that I thought I could have the magic time to write in all of them and not drop the ball. Lately I have been doing a Project 366 Photo log on Tumblr. Its something I can do easy, with one hand as I have the other full of a squirmy 13 pound 7.5 week old. I feel weird when people ask me about my blog. I guess I have blog envy of other sites that look like they have been plucked out of a magazine with all the social media gadgets and such. I know I can get there just feel over whelmed by the number of better sites right now. I've wanted to do a re-boot in a very long time. I guess since 2009. So this year I am going to clean up and do things right! Stay tuned.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Grace's Birth Story

A little background: I am a mother of a two and a half year old named Arabella, after an induced labor and 23 hrs to get me to a stage of pushing and 4 hrs trying to push her out. I ended up having an Emergency C-Section to have her on June 12, 2009. Then seven days later I was hospitalized for fluid in my lungs and a heart beat rate of 27 bpm (low I know).

With this pregnancy it was planed and thought of. We had just moved into a new house and just started to put Bella in her own room. In April of 2011 got a few positive pregnancy tests back and confirmed it with the MD's office. Estimated Due Date December 9, 2011. During the pregnancy I made it clear to myself and to my MD that I wanted a V-BAC (vaginal birth after Cesarian) or as the medical world calls it "Trial of Labor".

I also was not kidding myself as I knew if I went 41+ weeks again waiting for my body to spontaneously kick in I would be miserable, closer to Christmas and maybe ending up in the hospital for fluid in my lungs again. So I made my MD schedule a repeat C-Section for my due date, hoping that I go into labor before that happened.

36, 37, 38 weeks past and still no signs of labor. Braxton Hicks (false contractions) kept me up at night. At my 39th week appointment I knew if I didn't go into labor soon, I would go under the knife. I made peace with that. And so the date that would be the Estimated Due Date became the Birthday of the newest addition to our family.

On December 9, 2011 at about 7:45 am I get a call from Labor and Delivery saying that I was to come in at 6 am that morning to be prepped and delivered by 9 am. I told them that my MD stated that I needed to show up at 11 am and no one called or sent me an email with other instructions. (the nurse at that point was huffy). She asked me if I could get there ASAP and I said I would try as my husband was dropping off our daughter at daycare. She asked if I had any food. I said no as I know not to eat or drink before any major surgery.

I contacted my SIL as she was going to be in the OR with me. Last time my husband opted out because he is not so good with blood especially loved ones in pain. I told her the update and then called my husband to tell him what was going on. It took another 20 minutes before we started driving to Kaiser San Francisco. I drove as it would be the last time in a while that I could be behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Finally made it at 9 am in the parking lot and started the walk up to the main hospital. I really wanted to go to Grace Cathedral to light a candle before the operation but made a note to do it after as thanks for a happy and healthy baby and delivery.

When i got to the 3rd floor, I rang the nurses station and told them i was the 9am surgery. The nurse asked another nurse "Are we expecting her?" and I was placed in the waiting room for 10 minutes. Then placed in room 6 for the show to start. After hooking up the IV's and cross checking every i and t; I was walking to the OR saying a small prayer for a smooth delivery and for me not to pass out.

View from the hospital room

After getting the spinal and listening to Christmas music on the radio that was over head; my SIL walked in and the surgery started. The pressure was horrid. I felt that they were trying to collapse a lung and for a few minutes I felt that I could not breath and was gasping for air. Also holding on to my SIL's hand for dear life. I think I was given something stronger for the C-section of my other daughter because I do not remember the pressure being that bad. I just remember shivering because I was cold and frightened. I couldn't tell how many minutes had passed or what was playing on the radio when the surgeon said do you want to see the gender? Of course I said yes, and as I looked up from the blue drape she stated its a GIRL! Waving the lower half of the baby over the drape.

And to be honest my heart sank a tad. I wanted a boy as this little one would be the last baby out of me. My husband and I right now can only afford two extra mouths to feed right now. I am thinking adoption in a few years. At least with adoption we can choose the gender. And I want a boy!
"I want to be put back in"

I with held the name from the nurses and my SIL because I felt my husband should know as well what name I had chosen for her. My SIL got to take pictures of her in the first moments of life unlike my first when I was alone. I also got to spend more time with her as SIL got to hold her for my inspection longer than I got to see Bella.
Meeting Grace for the first time

SIL and I after birth. (She's smiling under the mask)

After they patched me up I was crying of happiness and relief the surgery was over. I was glad and thankful that my SIL was able to be there and to cut the remainder of the cord that was not needed. I was glad that my husband got to hold her skin to skin in the recovery room and I was finally able to say her name. Grace Ellen.

Grace Ellen 10 fingers 10 toes
Grace is a family name from my step dad's side. Aunt Grace lived till she was 97 years old and also after Grace Cathedral is where me and my husband got married (one of the oldest churches in San Francisco; besides Mission Delores which is the oldest church in San Francisco). Later I found out that my husband's side had a Grace too. Ellen is after my mother, that was her middle name. She passed away in 2007 due to natural causes. I didn't have a great relationship with her, but from early on I thought it would work with Grace. Another choice was naming her was Grace Kelly; after the actress turned princess. However it was decided in my head that Grace Ellen would be a better choice since it was in my head the longest.

- Posted using My own words... Well some of them