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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In the next week...or two

Next week there are a few major holidays coming. One is Valentines day during the week of Love (Feb 10-16; hence the change in the blog) the other is Presidents day on the 18th and Love your Pet day (Feb. 20th). I think that Love your Pet day is every day, however Hallmark has not cornered that market yet so truly pet owners own that day.

During the Week Of Love and Love Your Pet Day, I will have the opportunity to review and give away the brand new Jim Henson's Pajanimals DVD "Pajanimals Playdate" By the Jim Henson Company. Yes the same that can be found on Sprout TV (online)! The DVD is on sale now and available at NCircle Entertainment and Amazon (It's only $9.99 USD). So stay tuned and I will leave you with a song from The PaJanimals themselves.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I Pink Puffy Heart #Twitter

Please ask me if you want the original!
Wee babe G

This is not an advertisement for twitter; however if you know me, I tweet more to my online friends then I talk to my real life friends. Why? Because I don't have 10 real life friends. Before you feel sorry, its not that I don't want real life friends, I actually do, however the few I do have are long term friends.

With my depression (and my luck) all the people whom I seem to have a lot in common in the flesh, run away from me when I have a low period or when I change my moods really fast. Because they don't know what or how to deal with me. I feel trapped some how that its a cycle. Girl meets friend, girl gets depression/mania, Girl loses friend.

That I think is why Twitter for me is great. If I need to vent I can and people will want to gather and support me, not run away from me. If they "UNFOLLOW" me because of it, its not like a slap in the face to me as a co-worker subbing and telling other co-workers my issues because I let down my guard. I only share what I need to share nothing more.

I was surprised when Twitter stated I was similar to the women you see on the right. They are women who I'd like to be. They are part of who I "FOLLOW" and chatted with a few times heck I am even starting a business with @mama2_3penguins! For the people who say its a dumb idea to go into business with some one whom I have never met in reality, I wouldn't go as far as saying its a dumb idea, however I would say its a high risk that it could back fire on me!

If I had the money I would get a convention center in the middle of the country and invite all 600+ people to come and meet me and the rest of the folks that are on twitter. I know Blog conventions do that however this would just be for twitter people who I call my friends.