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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time in a Bottle #HAWMC

The time 1:00 PM GMT, April 1, 2112, the place some where in the desert of what was known as the San Francisco Bay Area. The great archaeological find of the year has been unearthed due to construction of a major farm that promises to restore the great valleys of California due to the Cities of San Francisco and Los Angels being moved towards Hawaii in the great earthquake of 2100 dramatically shifting the ecosystem of .

One of the finds that was thought to be an inhabited area; scientists found a Time Capsule from the year 2012. As they took it back to their field lab, the box sprang open and a small note was at the top:

Dear Future,
Please do not judge.
I am a mother, a wife and a woman.
I have many problems.
Please look at this with an open mind,
people in this life look at Bi-Polar/Manic depression as the black death.
We are people just like you.

Yours Truly, Amanda

As they look onward they find sealed gallon zip-lock bags full of Medical journals, papers, finding and other documentation of the definitions and treatments of the condition. Some from the early 20th Century, which document the treatments of shock therapy for this "Bi-Polar/Manic" type of depression. In pill bottles they find little pink pills with the instructions on how to take the pills 3 times a day of a substance called Lithium, another dozen bottles of pills called Zoloft, Wellbutrin and Prozac, to name a few. a journal that documented the struggles of the woman called "Amanda". A USB device that once open, showed a website long forgotten. Reading it they found the struggles this person went through as a woman with depression. Struggling with the stigma and the necessity of keeping it quiet from the people in the "Normal World". And a few photographs of what looks to be a very healthy family of four laughing at what seems to be a park in old San Francisco.

At first the scientific community was baffled about this discovery. Depression was wiped out by the discovery of a genetic trait that could be turned off by the nano-bots given at birth in 2102. So this discovery it showed the lack of medical knowledge of the humans living 100 years ago. It validated a few ideas that the medical community had as they theorized that back then the doctors treated the symptoms and not the root cause of the genetic disorder. They marveled at the information that this capsule provided, a wealth of misinformation, once thought of as the definitive answer by giving harsh medicine to people to alter their thinking and perception of the world to now where a simple DNA test and nano bot correction can wipe out  anything and repair the broken links.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Review of Sew Curly Creations - A Pink Blankey for Grace

I love to follow Mom-businesses on twitter. I don't remember when I started to follow Sew Curly Creations on twitter (@SewCurlyK) but I think it was due to something she said about her three little girls that made me want to follow her. Also being a entrepreneur of hand crafted items I could learn from her as well.

One day she posted that she needed some test babies for her new blanket idea she had in December. Since I was due in a week I thought maybe I could help her out. Even if my new born didn't get the chance to test drive the item I would still know I tried and maybe the next time.

There were several people that wanted to test the blanket out and Grace and I were chosen. She asked me what the baby's name would be and I stated I didn't know until the birth. She said when the baby was born just let her know and she would work on the blanket. A week later Grace came in this world and I told her when I was able. And started the look out for the blanket.
Snug in the blanket.
When the blanket got to my house it was nicely wrapped in tissue paper and had a few business cards of hers tucked inside. I inspected the embroidery and it was nicely done. It didn't have the huge sheet of backing that I find in other embroidered items and I really dislike because I have to throw the excess away because it falls off in the wash and gets other clothes dirty.

The blanket edging is nicely done. Instead of the pointed edging, its squared and is a little heavier than the blanket, which is nice because it gives it a little weight so it won't blow away. There are a few rough spots, however it shows that it was hand made and not done in a factory.

The material for the blanket is a soft pile that is cushy, the only draw back to it is that it does cover the nice work of the embroidered name. If it was done on the shorter side of the fabric, I think the name would stand out more. However the name is still visible and in very nice script.

When my Mother-in-law saw it she said it was very beautiful asked me where I got it, and at the same time my daughter who is two and a half asked where her blanket was and proceeded to get a possessive of the blanket until I explained that this was Grace's special blanket and she had her own.

In the weeks following the arrival, it has been washed several times because of the regular happenings of the baby and has been dropped on the ground by accident as well. My major fear in the beginning was washing it and the color of the blanket bleed into the white of the words. As one wash led to two, not only did the letters stay white, the rest of the wash (I don't separate my whites from my brights) stayed their same color as well.

I am very happy with the quality and how it keeps my daughter warm. I wish this would have been a colder winter as she does run a little warm during the days, however it does help at night when we are coming back in the cold and the few blankets we have are a bit too warm for her right now. And just recently I took it to Grace's first Yoga class and used the blanket and a couple of moms said that they liked the blanket and wanted to know where it came from.

My rating would be 3.5 out of 4 stars - As I stated there are a few things that are small like the one end of the blanket and the nice embroidery covered by the material. As this is a test run to see how things are in the real world for her design and it keeps my daughter warm, I can honestly say I think this blanket is going to be with us for a very long time as Grace's comfort blanket.

My cat kneading the blanket. 
He stayed and slept on it next to Grace.

Please note: I was not paid for this review nor the rating I gave. I did get the blanket for free and was not told to write a review in exchange.