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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I really need a personal assistant

As a mommy, full time worker, full time wife, I need an 24 hr personal assistant that is willing to work for less than free (can I say Intern?). Here are the qualities I am looking for:

1. Pay rate is what ever you can find on the floor (Not Joking)
2. Great with Kids (I have one)
3. Kick A$$ photographer (document every waking moment of said kid and then upload them to the blog so people can see the progression of my baby girl turn into a toddler and of me with her)
4. Loves domestic work! (not going to lie about the state of my home)
5. Graphic designer (so I can have you update the blogs and be top on the Mommy sites)
6. Loves cats (I have two of them)
7. Interested in the experience of what this job brings (see #1 about pay rate)
8. Generally cares about the things I say, no tweeting behind my back.
9. Must love gummie things!

If you meet all the qualifications and not worried about the money, just write in the comment section about why you would make a great personal assistant and I'll hire you after a background check.

Wish this could be true but no one reads so I'll go back to my life as a full time mom, wife and slave to the 9-5 work week..