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Friday, April 6, 2012

Bella VS the Bell Pepper Review and Giveaway

How many times have you told your little one to "Eat your veggies or no treat after dinner"?

I have told that to Bella that many times about one vegetable in particular. Bell Peppers. Yes, Bell Peppers.

She's a good kid when it comes to other vegetables, broccoli, coli-flower, peas and carrots, along with her fruits, blueberries, banana's and oranges. Now you think I'm bragging.

You are probably thinking, 'She doesn't like one vegetable when my kids don't even like any of the ones you've stated above!' I would say that I am proud that my child loves to eat the fruits and veggies, however its a pain when I have to pick out the Bell Peppers because she doesn't like them in a dish of food or not make stuffed Bell Peppers because she refuses to eat everything because of the texture of the vegetable.

When I saw Copy-Kids, a DVD where kids are eating foods like Bell Peppers, Avocado, Apples, Oranges, Raspberries, Broccoli and other yummy foods, I thought it was a good chance to see if Bella would actually try eating Bell Peppers, I didn't expect her to love the vegetable right away, but give it a chance, because I know kids copying kids works.

How? Well, Bella went to a friends birthday party and there were Grapes on the table. Bella loves to eat them, her friend, the birthday girl did not. Her mother remarked for the last few months all she could get her to eat was bread and cheese. Well, Bella went up to the table and started to munch on the Grapes, so much so me and my husband were telling her to slow down and leave some for other people. When the birthday girl saw Bella eating them, she ran up to the table and started to munch on them herself. Her mother was over joyed at the sight and told us that we were welcome to come over and try this with different foods as well.

Copy-Kids are for kids 6 months to 5 years old (however an adult can learn from these kids as well). They feature kids around the same age range and they are super cute! Bella could relate to them as they looked like kids that went to her pre-school. The DVD is USDA approved and added to their Education and Training Materials Database for Pre-School Nutrition (link). The DVD won two children's excellence awards: Dr Toy Best of 2011 and Mother Approved Child Tested (MACT) of 2011.

The DVD total length is 115 minutes and the segments are about 8 minutes each of the foods (12 foods the 6 I mentioned above along with Carrots, Cucumbers, Blueberries, Strawberries and Tomatoes). In the DVD Extras there are out takes of the little ones being themselves and a message from Dr Jay Gordon, with tips on how to establish good eating habits with your little one in mind. I would HIGHLY suggest having the food available to try when seeing the DVD because once they start watching it they would like to do what they see and to be there to enjoy the food with them. Since Bella was having trouble with Bell Peppers I played that segment a lot more than the other segments because that was the vegetable that is the hardest one to have her eat.

How did the DVD work for Bella? See the video below to find out.

Now with a few more tries I think Bella will enjoy Bell Peppers!

Would you like a chance to win a DVD copy? Enter below and good luck!

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*Note* I was not paid to do this review and was only given the DVD ($19.95 value) to do this review. My daughter was not forced to eat or say anything she didn't want to do. All Thoughts and videos were completed by myself.