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Thursday, March 22, 2012

This year is an important year

This year will mark the fourth year I have had this blog. Combined I have probably blogged one third of a year's worth of material. However I have had a few other blogs that would probably make up the loss. This year I hope to do many more things like Reviews, Giveaways and invite you into my life a little more. I have several things I'd like to say and do so stay tuned!

It also marks the fourth year of my marriage! Go figure!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've been thinking

I've been thinking about sprucing up my blog. I've got one too many that I thought I could have the magic time to write in all of them and not drop the ball. Lately I have been doing a Project 366 Photo log on Tumblr. Its something I can do easy, with one hand as I have the other full of a squirmy 13 pound 7.5 week old. I feel weird when people ask me about my blog. I guess I have blog envy of other sites that look like they have been plucked out of a magazine with all the social media gadgets and such. I know I can get there just feel over whelmed by the number of better sites right now. I've wanted to do a re-boot in a very long time. I guess since 2009. So this year I am going to clean up and do things right! Stay tuned.