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Friday, January 18, 2013

Resume Help: Part 5, I am learning to say Thank You!

I really want to thank all of the readers that have made it a point to read this whole series. As I am trying to gain a job, so it is important that we all share information to help one another and hopefully all gain some type of employment!

The thank you is a genuine one and from my heart.

10. Say "Please, Excuse me and Thank You". Even the coldest HR person or Recruiter will remember you if you are polite and genuine. That goes for every correspondence, phone call, in-person interview and after the interview.

I used to think that I didn't need to send a thank you note (email or letter) after every interview, however I am learning that manners go a long way when trying to get a job, especially in today's market where for every 1 job advertisement 1,000 people apply and if you do get that interview from the gorgeous resume that  at least I am helping to make, the impression that you give, before, during and after an interview will help them remember you.

No, I am not saying sending every HR person or Recruiter a fruit basket the next day, I am saying a day after send them a quick email (because of course you asked them for a business card), thanking them for spending the time with you, for the feedback they may have given you and let them know that their time was not wasted.


Dear (insert Mr/Ms Last Name),

Thank you for the (phone or in person) interview on (day of the week or date). I know your time is very valuable and meeting me for the (Job title) at (insert company name), really meant a lot to me.

I would like to thank you as well for the in depth detail you gave about your companies time requirements for the position. I am grateful to you for answering the questions I had about the day to day duties that the job entailed in more depth.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions that you may not have had during the interview.

Thank you again,
(Your Name)
(phone number)

As this is just a template you can add or subtract anything you want or need to say. You can make it as formal or informal as you would like it to be.

If you do get interviewed by multiple people try to send it to the department heads and HR as you don't want to make your sincerer thank you look like a form letter to the whole company.

Try to send the thank you email to them as soon as possible so you can stay fresh in their minds. Don't wait two weeks and then send it to them.  Example : Interview on Monday, send the thank you on Wednesday or Thursday. If the interview is on Friday, send the thank you on Monday or Tuesday (if it is a holiday weekend so there will not be an Out of Office reply).

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the series of posts. As I learn more about resume writing and the do's and don't of trying to get a job, I'll post more on the blog!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Resume Writing. Part 4: Covering a Coverletter

What does this cover letter conversation have to do with Resume help? Most companies are at an old school impasse with this thought. One hand it shows a person did the research to want to work at the company. The other hand some companies only suggest placing a cover letter with your resume because its been so ingrained in our thoughts that we need one, they just place it on the website due to the contact us would have so many contacts with where to place it on the submission site.

My experience with cover letters have been very very minimal. I guess this is where personal preference comes into play. I have written a few cover letters however its hard to put an exact number I have actually submitted. I have tried to make a generic cover letter that I can post to any job however it is good to make sure that you edit it and look it over before you post it to a different job. I have at least 4 versions of my cover letter so I can make sure I have one for each industry that I am applying too. 

9. My recommendation: Don't spend too much time on the cover letter. Make one generic letter that can be edited with details of the job you apply to. Most companies look at them however with the hundreds out there most don't require it for the job position when you apply on line. If you do submit one PLEASE make sure you don't submit one that is for a customer service rep when you are applying for a manager level post unless it is for a manager of a customer service store.

10. As with a resume, spelling, grammar and punctuation all count. If you are unsure about what to say, call a friend and use them as a sounding board or email the cover letter to them and ask them if they were to write this what would they change or add to the letter.

Tomorrow I may have the guest writer, however it does not look hopeful. If so, then I will write about Thank  You letters/emails after an interview or just a meeting with a prospective employer and even a recruiter!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Résumé Writing, what I am learning. Part three-fiths

This installment is all about fonts, and what size fonts to use on your resume. As I said before I am from the school where standard is key... Well what ever the blank template of the Resume template in Microsoft Word that I was using at the time.

7. Be constant with fonts for everything on your resume. Do not (as I thought once) use 3-5 different fonts for the different sections you have. It will only confuse the person reading it and if the HR person or recruiter doesn't have that particular Comic Cat font, their computer will substitute it for something else and then your time was all for not. My advice stick with New Times Roman (Font) as everyone has that on their computers.

Example (New Times Roman in MS Word):
Amanda Peterson
140 Anywhere Ave
San Francisco CA 94555
Cell: (415) 555-5555 

8. Font size is another area you want to be consistent with. I was always cutting and pasting from different places on the different resumes I had and it made my resume look like something out of a bad novel. I would suggest for your Header 12-14 font size and as above bold and italicize your name that way it can stick out a little more. For the rest of your resume size 10 would do for everything including titles like Summary, Experience and Skills. For the titles make sure you BOLD them to set them apart from the rest of the text.


Any Company
, San Francisco, CA                                                                                                                                         11/11-12/12
Counselor of Industry

Any Company, San Francisco, CA                                                                                                                                         10/10-10/11
Jack of all trades

I can hear you pondering, "What about my eye sight? Wouldn't it be better in size 12 so recruiters and HR Persons could read it?"

I would say yes if that is what you want to do, however since now most resume's are uploaded and read by computer programs that place everything in size 12 font for them, its not a big necessity unless when at an interview they suggest it once they see it in person.

Tomorrow Cover letter or No Cover letter? My biggest question of them all. Also feel free to suggest a topic for me to ponder as well!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Day. #HAWMC

my daughter Grace
Today is random day. A knot of emotions welling up making me feel like I am not a good mom. My back showing the signs of old age because I put tension, frustration, failures. The lack of sleep makes my world a bit darker like the night's sky. Though because of all the buildings, they have bits of bright spots, so I'd go with the country side night sky. The pain in my heart makes me feel like I can't love something new however I let people in. The weight of my tears makes my face heavy when I cry. I almost feel like I shouldn't be here anymore. Just get in a jet plane and leave things behind. I felt like that when I had my first daughter. And like my first daughter I didn't have any money to accomplish this, that is why I sat and looked at the airplanes flying over my head and wanted to be on them. I guess not every airplane, but the ones going to Japan or Australia. Just for the day or the week just to say I did it.

I do it one year. Just to say I did it. I'll put it in my Bucket list. The fancy way of saying need to do before I'm XX years old.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Going Back to Work - A Mother and her Breast Pumps

With many work out side the home mom's know breastfeeding is a challenge and a nightmare. Got to get the right things for working AND try to decide which pump to take back to work with you. This is my review of the two breast pumps I currently own.

I breastfed my daughter Bella for 22 months and planed on breastfeeding the new one when he or she came here. Well baby Grace came and we were able to establish a great breastfeeding relationship. The down side was my breast pump from when I pumped at work a Medela Pump In Style (the back pack kind, see picture below), was falling apart. I would think a little wear and tear after a year and a half was reasonable, however, 
This is the Pump In Style style I own
This Hygeia EnJoye Pump that I am using now
the tabs on the zippers started to fall off (my husband made a few make shift ones), and the bag in the back started to split along the seam. Also just recently, one of the face plate's prog broke. I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least. The warranty expired long ago and I wasn't too happy about the fact I could not take the motor out and place it in a new case if the bag got damaged in any way.

Like any mom about six months in to the pumping for Bella, I was looking at the latest in breast pumps, by then I was not having too much trouble with the Medela, I really liked the fact that I could transport a few things in the bag portion, but my love for the pump was over with the face plate coming off each time I pulled the tubing off. My husband didn't like the cleaning of the flanges because the membranes (little plastic tabs that helped with the suction), they would either tear or get lost when he cleaned them for me. And I came across the Hygeia EnJoye Breast Pump.

At first the jaw dropping price was around $100 more than that of the Pump In Style, but for me it offered freedom. The freedom to leave the bag behind and use many of the back packs I had. The top of the line breast pump has a Lithium Battery pack built in, so if there is no power outlets around no problem. The problem was convincing my husband that I needed something else. The Medela pump still worked, so I wasn't going to get one any time soon.

I told myself and my husband in 2011, with baby number 2 on the way I wasn't going to use the Pump In Style. The motor was still running but the bag was in bad shape. I told him that I wanted the Hygeia EnJoye Pump and showed him the website (Hygeia Baby) and gave him the bullet points:
  • Enclosed Lithium battery
  • Certified Recyclable parts
  • Can use all of the old pumping bottles and items from Medela (I have a lot of old things in good condition still)
  • Can record the baby crying on the device (no ear phone plugs though)
  • And I just want it.
I bought it two weeks ago and I am in love. Wednesday was my first day using it and it was purely easy to use. I was able to pump Grace's milk in the Medela bottles and still have the Hygeia bottles for work. So I don't have to spill any milk (unless I trip) in the morning when I am groggy. It was easy to set up and I was pumping in no time flat.

More Later as I need to attend to Grace! Next post will be a Review of the new Medela Calma Nipples Grace is using for the first time this week!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3 months young

Baby Grace is three months old!
I learned that in three months my heart could grow another size larger, my want of another life is growing like the little one in my arms. However it seems that I am faced with the life of a working out side the home mom. As much as I try it seems that the goal of at least being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is very out of reach. 

My Mother in Law, the one that stated that she may not be able to watch Grace, is now rushing me to get Grace on the bottle, reminding me that in two weeks I become the night and weekend care giver, like Bella when she was her age. I didn't want that status then I don't want it now.