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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Of course my me time

Lately I haven't had me time. How do you tell a 3 yr old and a 7 month old mommy needs space? As it is with the climate in the house the 3 yr old is cling to me and will not let me out of her sight (right now she's looking over my shoulder looking at the iPad, lucky for me (?) she can't read).

Since husband decided to spend some time alone with his thoughts, I have been trying to sort out my own thoughts between the girls naps, while I try to cook, wash dishes and try and become a better mommy. Parenting has been my goal for Bella and Grace.

Trying to figure out where my husband stands on us has been the other half of my thoughts. I truly love the guy. He's been my rock when I felt like I was drifting out to some island. My yin to my yang, the balance I need to get through the day. Now I can't touch him, say I love you to him with out feeling a sense of a deep pit of emptiness. I want the couples therapy to show him that the spark is there and not blown out. I want to better communicate with him. I want a better life for my kids. Better than solo daddy and solo mommy.

I pray when I get a moment to myself that he does find that feeling of trust and love again.

Then and only then will I take a few hours to myself.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Is Mother Mary Mom Enough? #WWJD?

I am a mother of two girls. I am an "Attached Parent". I do have an almost 3 year old asking for the breast. I do use Formula when needed. I do co-sleep with blankets. I don't hang on every word Dr. Sears says. I am proud to Nurse in Public with out a cover (unless there is no shady spot), in front of children, in public places and spaces. 

Call me a terrorist, call me a weirdo, call me what you want however I want to say that I am sick and tired of the war on women, motherhood and breastfeeding. No one person controls the bonds between mother and child no matter how old. In this day and age, we should have accepted that and moved on.

We as an American Society should be focused on poverty, the economy, creating jobs, education, and improving healthcare for all instead of what an individual mother does with her individual child.

For people out there that say that it will "corrupt the child", "stunt the developmental growth of the child", I say did it stunt the growth of Jesus? Did Mary stop when he was 6 months old? Was God or Joseph telling her when to feed him or her other children? Did she have to wear a cover when nursing in public? Did she have to say to him, "Jesus, we have to nurse where we poo because we can't be seen in the market place on a bench because some one will see us!". I would have liked to have seen the expressions on all of the elderly women if they heard that!

We as women should not be divided, whether being Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life, breastfeeding vs formula feeding, boob vs bottle. We have all the same parts. How we chose to use them is our choice and should not be dictated by out side influences. 

As Mother's day is this Sunday, we should be honoring the bond between a Mother and Child, not tearing it down.