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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#Travel Tuesdays- San Francisco Parks

These first Travel Tuesday's are going to be about parks that me, my husband and my daughter happen to find on the weekends in and around San Francisco CA. We know them either by driving around and just finding them hidden or just because they are around local to hang outs we usually go out to lunch and the need for Bella to get some fresh air!

The first park is Walter Haas Playground in the Hills of San Francisco.

(This is the view from the toddler swings!!)

This park hosts a wonderful view of downtown San Francisco (as seen above). It is seconds away from a SFFD station which is awesome for those structure related accidents that happen. Plenty of street parking, a bus stop and walking distance (a mile or two) to a grocery store.

(Bella enjoying the swing and the view! Structures in the background)

There are 4 baby (toddler) swings, two adult swings and a tire swing (in great condition). We went on a Sunday so I do not know what the weekday traffic flow is like, but that day there were very few families around. That made Bella happy. More swing time for her.

There is a basketball court and plenty of grass to run around in, three stone tables in the play area to have a lunch or a family snack.

The structures are fun even for an adult. My husband liked the posts that were all different lengths. Bella loved the toddler structure and went on the slide a few dozen times. She liked the steps and was hesitant around the wooden bridge that had a bit of a grade to it.

(Toddler play structure)

The drawbacks: There were posting of Coyote sightings at the water fountains. Props to the Parks and Rec department, but I can see where it can scare people away even in the daylight. While we were there no Coyotes and since the SFFD station was just up the hill, the chances of an attack are very slim.

The second drawback was the sand pit. As we looked at it, a little kid had to jump in the pit and ask for help out of it. I think it used to be much higher but as my husband stated "It went away with the little kids in their shoes". Even though the sand pit has a sand funnel, it is way too high for little ones to play with. Also it had twigs and rocks from the surrounding area and was not something we would let Bella play in until she's a bit older. Or they clean it up and put more sand in it.

In summary:

Walter Haas Playground has great views and great playground equipment. The drawbacks are the Coyotes, sand pit and even the location with public transportation.

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