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Monday, September 17, 2012

Sucked into Pinterest

I have been board and kind of old maidish since I have some time while my husband is in his world, so I have been throwing myself into finding how-to's and making clothes and other items for my little ones.


 Here is something I found on Pinterest. This pinafore is something I really wanted to try this because it looked so simple. From start to finish it was 30 minutes combined. I did mess up on the center as the skulls are upside down rather than the side skulls. I really wanted to make this reversible, I can still make more (which I plan to do) just this one is going to be one sided. I also made button holes! Its a small start and hopefully I can get to a point of selling them on my Etsy Shop and some Farmer's Markets next year. I'll post more things I made from Pinterest soon!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinning #HAWMC

Here are my Three "Pins":

I didn't pin anything dark or depressing, nor pills or pill bottles because that is what every one expects some one to pin about depression. I chose to do the positive words for a messed up mind.

The first one is the girl that says "My beauty comes from having my own style, living my own way and knowing my own mind." For a long time I had a negative self image. Most of my childhood was spent being looked down and tormented, being bullied because I was the easy mark. My clothes and my childhood home made me that way. The depression that I didn't know existed at the time, led me at seven years old telling a roommate my mother had that I wanted to kill myself. I am here so I didn't follow through. I don't think my "AH-HAH" moment came until I was looking at my eldest daughter and I had to break the cycle and say that I am different and I am beautiful. Like they say in recovery, if you can't do it for yourself, do it for the person you love first and then it will be second nature for you to do it for yourself.

The Second one I pinned states, "Nothing is impossible, the word it self says I'M POSSIBLE!" and that is by Audrey Hepburn. When you are in a cycle of depression and self flagellation, you think everything is impossible. Impossible to wake up for work, impossible to feed yourself, impossible to go forward with things that make you happy in your old life. Trust me, when you are depressed, you look back on the happy weeks as a different time span, almost like a parallel universe to where you don't understand what's going on. Almost a Ms. Jeckle, Depressed Hyde personality. I feel I border on M.P.D. Multiple Personality Disorder because I sometimes don't remember what ever happened the day before as if it was some one else's life.

The last is a picture of a bright sunny day and a few flowers reaching to that sun for energy and warmth. I feel like that when I come out of a cycle of depression or just got on to medication that I can feel lifting me out of that funk. Like smiling for no reason or knowing my head isn't weighted down by a funk, is a great clear moment.

I am a bit tired now. If you want to follow me for other reasons on Pintrest or need an Invite please Follow Me on Pinterest (I heart technology now a days!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

The dark side of Pinterest

As the world knows there isn't a website that isn't untouched by evil spam, or adult (Rated XXX) content. However I thought it was different on a website called Pinterest. I thought that this was a website that limit their access to it so that real content could get through and not be subjected to porn or "toys" in a category that once held images and links to "How to make home made Play-Doh" or other craft ideas for young children.

This morning I was feeding my youngest daughter and was looking through some of the categories to get some ideas about possible crafts and tips for my eldest daughter (who turns 3 this year) in the Education category of their website. However instead of this category being chalked full of educational crafts, websites for teachers and the random infogram, which I am use to, I found this:

I am not trying to cause an anti-Pinterest movement nor am I canceling my account over this image and link, I am however surprised at the lack of thought that Pinterest does not have a "Mark as Adult" or a flag of some kind for people to click to say that they do not want this kind of image in a particular category. I also do not want to "re-pin" this image and place it in my Pinterest stream for other people to see that may have different ideas. Also give the person whom pinned this in the first place more attention.

Please Pinterest place an Adult category and a flag of some kind for people to tell your company to move questionable content to a more appropriate space after a review of the image and link so that parents and teachers a like can share their crafts in a safe environment.