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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Traveling with family this weekend

Friday I go on a thousand mile adventure to the great Northwest and back. I am looking forward to the time away from my residence, however I am not looking forward to the mode of transportation that my husband suggested we take. In either the RAV4 or the Cube. Yup traveling by CAR. 

We get to have a two month old, a two and a half year old in back, while my husband and I rotate the driving towards our destination up north for 11 hrs. 6 hours to the hotel where we spend the night and another 4.5-5 hrs to the final destination. Portland OR.

I would prefer a 2 hr flight, rather than listening to my two month old cry for a half an hour on the freeway because we get stuck in traffic. The TSA agent pat down to my toddler ask "what that?" or "we going that way?" six times too many and can't take a pill to lessen the stress because it makes me drowsy and can't drive. The feeling that I am on vacation using some rental car rather than my own knowing the mileage will count against me when the car insurance renews.  Maybe I am hyping this up in my head. Then again maybe not. We will see come Friday.