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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My DIY Super Girl Cape Tutorial

My eldest daughter loves to be a super hero and wants to be a princess at the same time. So how do I combine the both?

A Purple Sparkle Super Girl Cape, of course. 

**Please Note that I took bits from other websites, so a big thank you to them for the ideas. Also a few links to them for more ideas**

Sewing Level : Any

What You need from the fabric store or your fabric stash:

1/2 yard Fleece (any color) (in this case Purple)
1/2 yard of the coordinating color in the fine material (in this case the Purple All That Glitters Fabric material)
Thread - either white or black to stitch together and the coordinating color for top stitching
A copy of the top of a baby bib pattern. I used Sew4Home's Baby bib top however any one with a wide neck will do.
Scissors, (A rotary tool and a cutting mat is good however a good pair of sharp scissors was all I needed)
Velcro in any color (I have some EZ Adjust Tabs from Joanns made by Babyville)
A tape measure
Sewing Machine

If you cut the material correct this should make one large cape (for the night) and a slightly smaller cape (for the day of course) or in my case one for the older sibling and one for the youngest.

1. I asked the oldest how long they want the cape to be (since the longest cape will be worn the most). In my case she wanted it to the top of her bottom. The measurement for her is 14 inches long. I added a few more inches for good measure so I put the total cape length at 16 inches long.

2. Fold the fleece in half and measure from the top of the fabric to the number that was determined. Note if you have heavier top fabric skip this step however the fleece does help provide weight to the lighter fabrics. Cut the fabric at the line and place the rest to the side for other projects or the second "day cape".

3. Decide what will be the bottom of cape then cut. From that cut the neck on the fold and then cut the angle of the cape. You can make it to a point or in my case I made it round at the ends.

4. With the cover fabric keep fold on the bottom and cut the material slightly over the fleece. the cover fabric will be glitter sides together.

5. PIN PIN PIN! Please have the wrong side of the fabric out and the glittery bits on the inside. Also Make sure to leave a 2 inch gap at the bottom (like the picture below) so you can turn the fabric. Also do not cut the neck hole out yet.

6. Sew, Sew and Sew

Should look like this when you are done

7. Cut out to the edge of the fleece, make small triangles to make turning easier in the neck  and straps and then turn. 

 8. Pin the gap down and top stitch with the coordinating thread of the top fabric  (I did a zig zag stitch)

9. Add the Velcro. See the tabs are a very convent shape to this project. Secure the tabs to the neck by a box and an X. I cut around the rough side to keep my daughters necks from getting scratched.

Super Girls were out with their dad at the time of the picture will update when they return!

And you are done. Simple? Okay, okay here are some great links for more super hero capes where I got some of my ideas:

Crazy Little Projects  Personalized Superhero Cape Tutorial

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby steps

Today was a momentous day. Got a lot done though I thought it wasn't much. I really hate making some decisions in life. I dislike that in order to protect my small family I feel I have to shut off the rest of the world right now. I'll be able to start slowly being near the people who helped my husband. I just have to survive with my girls right now.

My husband doesn't answer my phone calls anymore, nor my text messages. Maybe I should stop trying to talk with him. It hurts so bad that I can't see him, hear him, touch him. I wish that he was hear talking to me about his day, talking about how broken his android phone is and the tech news of the day.

I am so tired, however I have to move forward from this and explore each day like it was the first day of the rest of my life, like the way Bella or Grace learn new things every day.

PS I got them both to bed again at around 7:30 pm. Baby steps

Monday, June 4, 2012

My daughters are baptized

Religion is not a major part of my life, however it did form my ideas about life and how I see religious figures. For me religion is something that can be talked about for ever and some one has a disagreement with any point. I don't throw my values in any one's face and usually I keep it pretty under the radar with religious mobojumbo because its not my place to say one religion is higher than the other.

I was baptized when I was seven or eight as a Lutheran. My husband was never baptized. We were married at Grace Cathedral in 2008 because I was baptized. That meant to me that if my children were to get married in the future, they too would have to be baptized. Even in today's world no matter if you are one religion or another, being baptized is still regarded in some form as currency and sociably accepted. Entrance in a school, marriage, some organizations and even in death, being baptized is a requirement.

So for me baptizing my kids was something important to them instead of having a bath tub baptism and preform it ourselves (we are universal life church persons) we chose to have the baptism at the place we were married. Grace Cathedral. 

They only do baptisms 4 times a year. We were lucky that the baptism was in June. Bella turns three in a less than two weeks and Grace will be 6 months old next Saturday. The next one would have been in November. Not the best time for the family (Thanksgiving and all.).

Here are some pictures that I took before the ceremony. I got more of Bella than of Grace, however I am planing on when Grace is older have her do almost the same pictures as these. I don't think I can recreate them however I can try and get them close.

 The above pictures I am going to save for Bella's wedding day it seems the perfect picture to give her when she's just married. Maybe have the one with her and her dad and a picture of them walking down the isle when she's about to get married. The only thing I wish is that darn back pack wasn't there.
 The lone picture of Grace as she looks at the alter. Also another picture of Bella however she looks like she's 5 or 6 in this picture. Well enough of my religious pictures and cuteness.

Tomorrow is the first installment of #MLBMobyWrap! Stay tuned!