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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yoga for the baby, Yoga for the Mommy @ A Body of Work

I am on maternity leave and have really nothing to do till I go back to work. Ok, be a Stay At Home Mom for a little bit, go to MD appointments for me and Grace, and of course be home to welcome Bella home from day care. Besides that I have nothing to do with Grace.

So,  it took two and a half years, I finally joined the Golden Gate Mothers Group. As you can gather from the name, its local San Francisco mothers group that has a lot of moms trying to find some activities for their little ones during the day. Since I am one of those moms right now I wanted to have some fun with Grace while the Summer... I mean Winter weather was good. So my first foray into the realm of being a SAHM with a little one is Yoga. More specifically Baby Yoga from A Body of Work.

The studio is by the Lucas Arts Studio in the Presidio by the Lombard gates. The studio itself is very nice, hardwood in the studios and the latest equipment (from what I saw). The instructor was very nice at the door as I walked in. She was very kind and told me where I could get mats and blankets. There are mats and extra blankets there so if you're like me and don't have a mat and they have plenty to spare. Because it was a GGMG day the instructor said there were more moms than usual so it made me want to come back to see what it was like in a typical class.

The instructor, when the class began, told us that the class was very flexible to the baby's needs and if we needed to feed, change a diaper or leave because the baby was over loaded that was totally fine. 

Grace wasn't very fussy as some of the baby's there but wanted to be fed and was overloaded with new movements a few times. She liked looking at the baby next to her, a cute chubby 6 month old and something called "Roll-ly Poll-ly" where you hold both hands and feet with your hands and roll the baby side to side from ear to ear and the Dino walk (modified because there were so many moms), her in my arms, with my legs spread out shoulder with a part and bent. Then rock slowly to one side pointing that toe and very slowly going back to the bend and rocking to the other side and repeat on the other side.

She didn't like (right now) anything to do with movements of her limbs. The instuctor said that it might happen as being almost two months Grace might not be fully aware of the limbs yet, so we are going to practice at home. 

We also did some baby massage as well. Grace didn't mind the massage of the legs, and again it was a little short because of the size of the group. however it was a good experience for Grace and I and like I said before I am going to go when its a "normal class" to see what the difference is. 

(I was not paid for this review, I did this on my own accord)