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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So as people in the twitter-verse knows I quit my job last month and I have been in a cycle of saying "What the heck have I done", to "This is the best day of my life", and everything in between. I've been trying to set a schedule and having a great mentor Mama to Penguins. However with a 4 month old and an almost 3 year old its hard. Yes, I've got to admit that I don't have my oldest 24/7 though that is going to be a more gradual process. I want to get at least a month or two more in so she can at least fend for herself when her sister comes in and attacks.

I've got a small business brewing in the Mompertuner category of my life and I think its a game changer for who I really want to become. It will grant me the flexibility that I need and will allow the creativity outlet. Also helping small businesses succeed. I'll post more when I have more.

I am also thinking more about home schooling my kids. Listening to my Sister-In-Law's troubles with the school system, I am coming to the conclusion of just wanting better and reality is we can't pay to send them to very private school like England or anywhere besides American public school. Both me and my husband went through public school and we wish we were pushed more and given more help when we wanted rather than pushed along to make due to feel bullied, to feel stupid or to feel like one needs to dumb down to fit in.

I hope in the next 6 months I get my small business off the ground, to get Bella on a schedule that will allow me to get work done and maybe out of daycare (scary for me), get more information on homeschooling, and get some money flowing in with my Etsy Shop as well.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Bear - A Car Story

The year 1962. The place Walnut Creek, California. The time, say mid morning. A newly rolled out VolksWagon in a car dealership sparkling in the sun. Elvis is playing on the AM radio some where. A man in a suit and tie walks towards a couple as they peer into the freshly washed window, of the newest 1963 model, seeing the new leather, room for their growing family and shopping. They buy the car and enjoy it.   Ten years down the road, same family, yet they are a little older, have two daughters who lay on the hood like car models they see in magazines. The family keeps the car very well maintained for an older model VW.
sorry its upside down

Eighteen years later, a family member is in need to take a baby to and from places, the car is given to a new owner with some sadness from the old owner. The memories flood back and as the car drives away, the woman wonders if she will ever see it again.

A little shy of the car's thirtieth year of life, tragedy hits. In the hills of Marin County coming back from a weekend trip to Napa, the original engine dies and the guy driving the car is forced to tow it to a shop to get it replaced. He still needs it to get around and to see the little girl that is growing up. She has named it "Green Bear" as it is green and for no other reason, the man lets her call it that. The car doesn't mind at all. Another tragedy comes when it's broken into several times because it is old and people think it can be just taken on a joy ride. The man tells the little girl that he might have to either sell it or junk it. She cries. He decides to take it off the streets, his sister gives him a new car, her old car, and he takes it to Napa for a few years.

In the mists of these years it sat waiting for the man to bring it back to life, which he did on the weekends when he was in Napa. Then one day, he turns the car towards the freeway and doesn't stop till he's in Oakland, where that once young girl is standing now a teenager, and has a license to drive! She is new to the road. Doesn't take it easy on the now thirty-five, or thirty-six years old car. She wants to explore the world. The man says "Do not take it on the freeway, as it's not safe for you or the car". The girl nods and plots to go to places that are only accessible by the freeway. And she does. The man says "do not drive on too many hills, as it's not safe for you or the car", the girl does anyway.

Being a first time driver she is very rough on the car. She has many accidents with it and for a time it does not run. Yet the car is ingrained in her soul. She has it for a few more months after she graduates from high school and then it's returned to Napa to wait patiently for the return of her. Years are not too good on the car.

On it's fortieth birthday it is in Napa baking in the sun, the rain rusting parts that were so lovely taken care of. The feeling that the scrap heap is its final destination. The man tells the young woman that she's better off with out it. She again cries. She vows not to let it go. He purses his lips, but let's this battle go.

In its late forties, the car has seen better days, it feels like its going to wither in the sun, until the girl comes and says, "I am taking you with me!" and proceeds to hook up the car to a hitch as the car's tires are not yet tested to drive long distances. Again it is sidelined for a newer car, however not in the elements as it once was. A few months later, it is again hitched to a trailer and taken to the streets of a small city, again exposed to the elements. Immobile by the years of neglect. The woman and her husband roll it to one side of the street to the other side every other week. The car gets a few tickets because of forgetfulness on their part. A year goes by and finally it gets taken to a repair shop and it gets a small dose of tender loving care. It perks up and starts to run again. A few weeks later it gets placed in a garage, away from the elements, away from the street weepers. It is now waiting for more tender loving care from the woman.

Now the car is in its fiftieth year. Most cars are gone from that era. It knows that. It is very lucky to be in a garage when most of its counter parts are now buried in rust. The woman has two small girls. It hopes to be running great by the time they are old enough to drive. When it becomes sixty years old.

Thank you for reading. The car has been passed down from my aunt to my dad to me. Some of the facts from the 1960's I am not too sure of, so don't treat them like they are real facts. I only know what people have told me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So I have decided

To make my dream a reality. That's right a full blown website dedicated to my dream of visiting every Baseball park in the United States *Canada as well! As the Blue Jays still play in the Major Leagues*. I am going to try to shoot for the 2011 Season, but it may be 2012 or 2013 if I don't get sponsors because all the travel will cost MONEY! Though I am hopeful that MLB, ESPN or local news agencies will jump on board since, Hehhem I am a woman that loves baseball and would be willing to travel for cheep and sit in the bleachers. If I do get the sponsorships I hope that I get to run on the field of each ball park or throw out the first pitch for at least two games or even at the All Star game! That would be so AWESOME!