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Monday, May 26, 2014

Play Ball!!!


The glass doors

Field seating!

Almost to my seat
close to home as I can get for now!


Just close to the players. Almost can touch them...

View of Panda

more players

still more players

Lou Seal

Can't go to a game with out a picture of the Bunker

My Traditional picture of the SF Giants Clock



Good game. A W tonight

Pitcher for the Twins
His autograph

Suzuki's autograph!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Take me home to the ball game #MLBMobyWrap

In October of 1987 I was 8 years old, a girl and never had a baseball bone in my body. My step dad spent his Saturday in the living-room glued to the afternoon TV. I wandered in, sat down and what I did not realize a program that would change my life. 

The program was the 1987 World Series. The Minnesota Twins vs the St. Louis Cardinals. I watched my step dad arguing with the TV and I wondered why. Then questions started.

Why are there four balls to three strikes? Why is it called a home run? Why after three outs do they changed sides? How many people are there on a team? Who, What, Where, Why, When and How. My step dad tried to keep up with the questions. With each change in the game there were new questions. The games I watched with him started a bond that he thought would never come to be with me. 

The Twins won the World Series and became my #1 team for that year. I didn't know about American Leagues or National Leagues, I didn't know much about the sport of Baseball, rankings, play-offs, even about the A's or the San Francisco Giants; however I knew that I bonded my step dad, I loved this new sport and life would never be the same after that fall of 1987.