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Friday, August 13, 2010

#Foodie Friday ~ Big Mouth Burger

-Big Mouth Burger is not paying for this review-
Now that I got a little bit of discloser here is the review.

In the upper Mission district in San Francisco lets say 24th St and Valencia, a few years back, a small restaurant opened that I didn't think much of because of the name Big Mouth Burger. It was next to a falafel shop and I thought the two were connected so I really didn't pay much attention. It wasn't until I was really hungry and was sick and tired of the Chinese food and doughnuts (yes this does exist) on 24th St and Mission, that I decided to take a chance and eat there. 

The worst thing I could get was a bad tummy-ache and not go there any more. What I entered was a relationship that lasted to this very day with my whole family.

The place is a small hole in the wall, yes, there aren't that many tables and there is a small window bar that uses the last space to the utmost without feeling to packed in. Most regulars know to get the food to go because the tables are a fair wait and the medium trays that they serve the food on takes up any elbow room on the tables. But well worth it on some occasions. Large groups can take up more than 2-3 tables, so take it from this regular, take it to go and sit out in the sun!

The Food:

Unlike its name the Big Mouth Burger isn't too big. They give you a knife if you want to cut in half and save it for later. The choices are very custom made and they have a wide selection. Though the chalk board with the selections looks small, you can customize the burger any way for at most $2 dollars more per item. The ice-cream is a local favorite - Mitchell's - which is a San Francisco original, like this shop. Besides the standard thick cut fries; the coleslaw, Baked Beans (no pork added for flavor) are made at the store and they have now added the Sweet Potato fries to the menu for $1 add to the meal!

They have other items on the menu like a Salmon Burger, Garden Burger, Turkey Burger, Cheese Steaks and Salads.

The restaurant has a kids menu that is also customizable for any picky eater and they do just sides of something, which came in handy when we were first introducing solids to Bella! Avocado $.95 and a good portion too!

The People:

The people that work there are very friendly and they know a regulars face. The owner especially goes out of his way to make you feel like you are at his house and not at a McDonalds. When I started going there regularly he made sure that a table was cleaned if one is available and if he wasn't busy clean it himself!

Alas, I moved away and only got to go to Big Mouth when I was in the City, until late last year when to my delight and the grumble in my tummy, a Big Mouth opened in the shopping complex near my work! Turns out the owner lives near and decided to open a Big Mouth right in his neighborhood!

Since then me, my husband and Bella have eaten there at least once or twice a week. Each time we find something new to eat and a sports game on the tv!

Here is the San Francisco Local. Two short blocks from the 24th St and Mission BART Station.

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Here is the one near my near my work.

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