Windows in My life

About Me

Who I am:
Name: Amanda Peterson
Rank: Mommy of two little girls.
Job: Baker Owner at Bella Roux Bakery, and mother

Background in the world: 
  • Worked as a Quality Assurance tester in 3 major video game companies (EA, SEGA and Sony). 
  • Retail work at The PlayStation Store SF.
  • Worked for Kodak. 
  • Worked in the Health Industry. 
  • A Mom-trepreneur of Bella Roux Bakery
  • Part of The BlogHer Influencer Network

Associate of Studies Baking and Pastry (Le Cordon Bleu)
Bachelors of Arts in Asian American Studies (San Francisco State University)
Certificate of Advanced Social Media (SEO) (San Francisco University)
Certificate of Advanced Mobile Marketing (San Francisco University)
Certificate of Advanced Search Engine Marketing (San Francisco University)

Contact Information:
Tweeting: @AVPH
Facebook: A.Manic.Mind.Blog
Tumblr: AVPH 
Email me:
Google+ upon request

What I do for fun: 
  • Play video games (over 250+ video games from EC-M, I have all the major consoles), in my spare time. Also play mobile games.
  • Play with my two little girls including swimming, dancing, reading and anything they like to do.
  • READ, either on my own or to my children
  • Learn different languages and bread recipes. Right now I am learning Hindi.
Reviews and Giveaways:
Yup. My mind and reviews are my own and if a product is bad I will say it like it is. I will give the person/company a heads up of what is going to be said before if it is requested and will post updates about the product if needed. Please contact me at the above email address and we can talk about what your needs are and if they are suited to me and/or my family.