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Monday, August 7, 2017


Asking for what I want is something hard for me to do.

I feel some one is going to rescue me in time and when it doesn't happen I feel like they failed and the victim mentality comes back to the circle.

In fact it was me, myself, and I that failed. I didn't reach out for help. I didn't take the ownership of my life and placed it out into the world.

Any suggestions to start asking for help?

I did it today and it felt good.  I needed help with my business and was feeling very flustered. I talked with a person that was two steps above me in the business and she gave me some advice and a good direction to go in. Also she is going to give me some extra work as a PA so I can learn how to navigate the world I am living in and build up my skill sets.

I just need to do it over and over when I feel like when I do need help or struggling for an answer.

I'd like you to help me as well! Any Suggestions that would help me know when to ask rather than feel like a victim is greatly appreciated.

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