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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Understanding Hindi

I know I am getting comfortable with the Hindi language, how you ask?

While watching movies, I am falling asleep. To an outsider falling asleep would mean being bored, tired and just rude. However in my brain, its being comfortable with the language.

I do this to the other languages I know, especially Japanese.

I still can't speak Hindi, I am probably at a one year old level (if that), however the next six weeks I'll have time to actually study since school isn't too demanding. And I have to be a tutor for two hours after, which means I'll have down time even more just at school.

My goal is by the new year to at least be at a kindergartner level. Maybe I'll get the Rosetta Stone programs for Japanese and Hindi. However I may have to find some computer engineers to speak Hindi with because there isn't a big Indian community that I know of where I live. I may have to go across the bay for that as well.

Got to get up and start the day.

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