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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I was going to do a vent post about how my life is turning out to be one big mess right now.

However I'm not, can I just say I am tired?

I am super tired about everything. I am tired of what the X has done the last two years and its been hell to get out from under what he has done.

I am tired of what I am putting myself through to make it 100 times tougher and making life a brick wall when it should be an elevator to success.

I am tired of people who say that they'd be there, however not give me a second look when its not convenient to do so for them. I guess I need to start making new friends...

I am tired of not being happy with myself. I am trying each and every day to make myself happy... maybe I should make bread soon. That makes me happy.

I am going to talk with the breads teacher at school and see if I can make some of the breads that I see in the Bread Book for winter presentations at school. I think that will make me happy... I think.

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