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Sunday, November 2, 2014


I've been silent for a few days.
I don't want to be. My blog, my thoughts, and my life. Read the disclaimer...

The X uses this to keep tabs on me. I guess if he'd talk to me with out the little's and his mother at his heals, I would be more willing to talk. Not like he talked to me while we were married.

I may have to go else where to vent. I may or may not use this for anything besides cooking and the sky is blue posts.

I would LOVE to write about my day with out fear of the court appointed judge saying stupid things to my X because he ran to them with stupid ideas in his head put by his mother.

If you are the X and his mother stick to the promise you made a year and a half ago and leave my blog and me alone.

You left me remember? You didn't want to be a 100% husband and a 100% father. You got what you wanted and I am moving on with my life and my children's life. You didn't want to discuss anything with me while we were married. After weeks and months of leaving things up to you, I took charge. You leave things in the air and when decisions need to be made I made them. I am sorry if you felt hurt and not a "man" in the relationship, however you left me and I had to make decisions.


Get over it and get off my blog.

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