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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finished Reading

Finished reading all of the books from Chetan Bhagat, okay not all. there is a book of non-fiction that is out there that I may or may not pick up in a week or so. However the other six are good fast reads.

I found this author while watching Hindi movies. In the 3 Idiots description on Amazon, it stated based on a book from said author and since I liked the movie, I thought "hey why not pick up the book and see where that leads?"

Here I am with all 6 books and 2 and a half months later saying to go look at them.

I like them because 2 are true to his life and 4 are other peoples stories that are brought to him however he has the narrative in the main character's voice instead of a lot of brakes back into reality.

Which one is my favorite? I like 2 States, simple fact its a love story between two people that had the odds against them. I also liked the movie and the sound track. I guess the romantic part of me hasn't died off completely.

I say get the whole collection because once you start its very hard to put down.

Now does any one have any other recommendations about books? Authors?

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