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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Panic Attacks and passports

Resently, well more frequently now, I've been getting panic attacks. Don't know why I just am. Now they happen when I wake up and when I am going to bed. Also my heart has been thumping weird during them. Again I don't know the reason, it just is doing weird beats. The other night I thought I was going to have to go to the ER just to be told my heart is "acting normal" and I "should take it easy". Maybe I should take the pills the MD gave me for anxity and call it a day. Maybe I should talk to a cardiologist about it. What do you all think??

In other news, I am reapplying for a passport. I have always thought of traveling the world again. I thought it would be a few years more that I would travel to another country, however just to go north or south of these borders the great US government has stated a passport is needed. Gurrr... So I took the first steps in applying for one again. Everything is in order. Just going to need a few things before my Sept 27th appointment to get the paper work turned in. Then the wait happens. Hurry up turn things in and then 6-8 weeks a blue book comes in the mail and I can, in the words of a song "I can travel the world"... Again. 

Where to go? I was thinking Japan, Canada, Ireland, or an around the world tour of just because. However the littles are on my brain so it might be just a few small trips for now. 

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