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Monday, September 8, 2014

open door policy

I feel like this sums up my friend and relationship existence. If people want to come into my life they can if they want to leave they can. Do to me being me though, I have to say the door is always open to anyone, except the people who are total douchebags ie the X or anyone that has screwed me over. They know who they are.

I just don't like people hanging out in the middle and leaving me wondering who or what they want from me. Some I know, they have some issues, well subscriptions, that they need to be somewhere in the middle to feel comfortable however it does get annoying and I really want to either push them in or out depending on the day, time or even second. 

I am working on not being in the middle of the doorway towards other people. I know it confuses them and having trust subscriptions (I rarely have issues any more), and how far I feel I can go without smothering them, really I do smother people if I get too caught up in their world. Less now however I can jump off the deep end.

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