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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lost in the world

Need to have that feeling of being lost in the world again.

I feel that if I am grounded to one location that the walls are closing in on me. I've been very fortunate to be able to travel so much before the littles. I just would love to travel around with them. However I don't want to right at this minute. They are a little too young.

When I was 5, my mother took me to Europe (in the winter), and I don't remember everything that when on. She did however she passed away so I have only slivers of memories. that's why I don't want to subject my kids to that same experience until the little little is 10.

So where am I going to get lost to?

Where my heart is leading to is Japan, Canada, and India. I really want to go west. Yes I know the Irony is to go West to go to the East however I didn't make up the geographical terms. The easiest trip would be to Canada, to Vancouver, BC. Then to Japan, start north and end in the south east. Then off to India.

I still don't know i this is what the deal is with my life and the need for travel. I thought I'd seen the passport days gone since the birth of my littles. However I find peace and exhilaration when the jumbo jet is on the tarmac and the captain comes on the speaker doing the final prep for the flight attendants and then the unsteady beat of the wheels touching down in an unfamiliar place.

This time its not the need to explore as I truly wish it was, it is the need to escape for a few days, to clear my head and to enjoy life again the way I use to. Maybe I shouldn't be, however life pushes you and pulls you in different directions and hands you opportunities that one can not pass up.

So here I am lost in the world and do not know where to go.

Any other worldly adventure seekers out there?

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