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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm happy when it rains

Today has been one of those days where I wanted to go outside and sit in the rain while it was falling outside the classroom window. However I did not.

Strangely, rain is calming to me. Not the bit track of "mountain rain" that helps little babies fall asleep, even though it relaxes me too, but there is something about rain falling from the sky and soaking every inch of my body. 

Hearing it crash against glass windows, the sporadic to steady beat and then back again as the clouds move in the sky. The feel of cold water splashing against my skin is intoxicating. 

The way after a hot and humid day, the rain brings cool soft air and a relief of what is needed.

And yes I do stand out in the cold rain and do get soaked on occasion. I also like to drive my car somewhere and let the raindrops hit the roof of the car. If I did have a porch I would be sitting on a porch swing and breathing the fresh damp air that comes with the rain and just enjoying being in a moment of balance.

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