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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good Morning San Francisco!!!

Watching "Good Morning Vietnam" and watching a master comedian at work. I always think of Robin Williams as an average guy that had a great responsibility to be on all the time.

For most people they saw the guy on the silver screen. I saw a guy just trying to get not noticed. I think by working at the PlayStation Store, I had a rare opportunity to see celebrities with out a large crowd to play off of and to be themselves. However with him I knew he needed a crowd to survive. He loved to make the little kids laugh and he lite up. He came in with such apprehension that some one would say something like "HEY IT'S MR. WILLIAMS" and he would be swarmed with fans. When that didn't happen he relaxed a bit and just let things come and go however had to look over his shoulder for some one who would say something and he would be on.

I guess it got to him that his star was falling and unlike Joan Rivers (RIP) he didn't see that silver lining to simi retirement.

Well a few weeks late however he's always going to be fresh in my mind. Hell some of my best lines came from him and yet I didn't get the laughs he got.

Things I will remember about him:

The pirate flag that flew over his residence
The way he made a little girl laugh because she thought he was Tim 'The Tool Man' Allen
The first time I liked a comedy that wasn't a cartoon. Mork and Mindy.
How he looked like the maestro from Mad Maestro (a PS2 game). I just wanted to show the similarity to him, however he did end up saying "throw it in", and I doubt he or his son ever played it.

Good bye, enjoy and I hope to see you along with all the greats, when its my turn.

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