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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bakery and a small Resturant plans

working name for bakery
While going to school I have a great wealth of insight of what I want to do to earn a living. Mostly I am drawn to the bakery scene, however I wanted to open up the space to have a small restaurant, maybe adding more chaos to the fire than I'd like however I may just have the bakery first then open the restaurant later.
working name for restaurant

I don't know what to call them however a friend of mine gave me the idea of Amanda Roux (play off of a nickname I have at school). I kind of like that however my eldest is (as you all know) Bella and I could play off her name and name my small restaurant Bella Roux. I then would have to name something after Grace my second daughter.

Any way, I thought of a concept for a bakery that opened up, not at the traditional hours that a bakery is usually opened early and closes early, but a bakery that opens up technically just after start of business day and closes just after dinner. It may or may not work because the bulk of the customers would be at noon and after 3 due to the dinner crowd. I say dinner crowd because that would be my target for the fresh baked bread and other sweets for their dinners. Hence the name Midnight Bakery.

My restaurant would be only opened 2-3 days a week and it would make small plates of variety of seasonal foods from around the world. Almost tapas style plates. Also would feature my breads and sweets from the bakery. Good tie in, right?

I am trying to make a design where I can buy a large space and divide it into two places in the front of house however keep the kitchen as one space however have more of a kitchen on one side and have the a baking kitchen on the other side.
rough draft of space
 Only time will tell when I will have this and where. I may just open it up in Oregon since space is a bit cheaper than California. However it depends on where everything is with the littles and my life after culinary school.

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