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Friday, September 5, 2014

Adding a bit more color

Adding a bit more color to my wardrobe hasn't been easy.

Like all good things it takes time and a scene of fashion, which I really lack, Especially being "girly". So I have found a few outfits that have caught my eye. Yes they are of Indian decent however they are beautiful and I don't mind wearing them out. I actually did a few times. I just need some nice shoes to make them all go together.

I really like the outfits because I don't have to match anything. It's all ready done for me. The pants under the dress and the dupatta (the scarf).  No running around trying to find matching or coordinating things. Just one stop for the person on the go.

I found these lovely outfits on a website I was very hesitant to get the sizes that they stated I should wear because with out going to an actual store and trying some things on to find the fit I need, I ordered them a size bigger and one I should have ordered two sizes bigger (I need to get one in a bigger size however I am still waiting on one more).

Over all I am happy and they are very comfy to wear. I am going to stick with the ones I have for now because they fit and the weather is perfect for them and they are not cheep.

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