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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life as I know it

I may not be the best of words and sentence structure however its better to speak from the heart than to not and feel weird that you didn't.

Post separation and now post divorce has left me in an emotional void. Leaving me to ponder what was the wrong thing that I did, he did and how the relationships that I have with men, friends with benefits or just friends right now are being shaped with the views I have of my self right now.

My kids are the ones I value the most when it comes to this dynamic. They are my world. I will not introduce them to guys i date unless its becoming obviously clear that he will become a more stable part of my life ie getting married, or going to stick around and be faithful to me and them till the end of his life. However they will know about them because they are a part of me. I am very protective and they know they come first and not second. I put them above all.

However it makes me side eye a few men in general. Not that its bad just becoming more picky. Really would like a commitment from some one however I know that its not going to happen that soon so I better just commit to myself.

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