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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flowers for Amanda

I feel like the main character in the book Flowers for Algernon.

Charlie, the main character, is stupid then becomes smarts and leaves the life he knew alone, then after a few weeks he runs out of what he needs and becomes stupid again and leaves that life behind because he forgets what it was like when he was smart.

Instead of smart, as the main character does, I have become medicated again. Which doesn't mean I forgot what my life was before medication, I become a different person. A stranger to myself, to others for a few moments in time. I am the same person, yet I am not. I am more introverted, more observant of the world, and more mellow.

I find that while I am medicated, people who liked the extroverted - non medicated me have trouble adjusting to it because they have an expectation of who I am. An expectation of a wilder side than I really have. However when the non medicated me comes out another darker side called Bi-polar depression comes out and makes my life a struggle. The non medicated me tries to hide it however does a poor job.

Please be patient while the medication takes time to sink in. I am still the same person, just truer to who I really am.

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