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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My DIY Super Girl Cape Tutorial

My eldest daughter loves to be a super hero and wants to be a princess at the same time. So how do I combine the both?

A Purple Sparkle Super Girl Cape, of course. 

**Please Note that I took bits from other websites, so a big thank you to them for the ideas. Also a few links to them for more ideas**

Sewing Level : Any

What You need from the fabric store or your fabric stash:

1/2 yard Fleece (any color) (in this case Purple)
1/2 yard of the coordinating color in the fine material (in this case the Purple All That Glitters Fabric material)
Thread - either white or black to stitch together and the coordinating color for top stitching
A copy of the top of a baby bib pattern. I used Sew4Home's Baby bib top however any one with a wide neck will do.
Scissors, (A rotary tool and a cutting mat is good however a good pair of sharp scissors was all I needed)
Velcro in any color (I have some EZ Adjust Tabs from Joanns made by Babyville)
A tape measure
Sewing Machine

If you cut the material correct this should make one large cape (for the night) and a slightly smaller cape (for the day of course) or in my case one for the older sibling and one for the youngest.

1. I asked the oldest how long they want the cape to be (since the longest cape will be worn the most). In my case she wanted it to the top of her bottom. The measurement for her is 14 inches long. I added a few more inches for good measure so I put the total cape length at 16 inches long.

2. Fold the fleece in half and measure from the top of the fabric to the number that was determined. Note if you have heavier top fabric skip this step however the fleece does help provide weight to the lighter fabrics. Cut the fabric at the line and place the rest to the side for other projects or the second "day cape".

3. Decide what will be the bottom of cape then cut. From that cut the neck on the fold and then cut the angle of the cape. You can make it to a point or in my case I made it round at the ends.

4. With the cover fabric keep fold on the bottom and cut the material slightly over the fleece. the cover fabric will be glitter sides together.

5. PIN PIN PIN! Please have the wrong side of the fabric out and the glittery bits on the inside. Also Make sure to leave a 2 inch gap at the bottom (like the picture below) so you can turn the fabric. Also do not cut the neck hole out yet.

6. Sew, Sew and Sew

Should look like this when you are done

7. Cut out to the edge of the fleece, make small triangles to make turning easier in the neck  and straps and then turn. 

 8. Pin the gap down and top stitch with the coordinating thread of the top fabric  (I did a zig zag stitch)

9. Add the Velcro. See the tabs are a very convent shape to this project. Secure the tabs to the neck by a box and an X. I cut around the rough side to keep my daughters necks from getting scratched.

Super Girls were out with their dad at the time of the picture will update when they return!

And you are done. Simple? Okay, okay here are some great links for more super hero capes where I got some of my ideas:

Crazy Little Projects  Personalized Superhero Cape Tutorial

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In the next week...or two

Next week there are a few major holidays coming. One is Valentines day during the week of Love (Feb 10-16; hence the change in the blog) the other is Presidents day on the 18th and Love your Pet day (Feb. 20th). I think that Love your Pet day is every day, however Hallmark has not cornered that market yet so truly pet owners own that day.

During the Week Of Love and Love Your Pet Day, I will have the opportunity to review and give away the brand new Jim Henson's Pajanimals DVD "Pajanimals Playdate" By the Jim Henson Company. Yes the same that can be found on Sprout TV (online)! The DVD is on sale now and available at NCircle Entertainment and Amazon (It's only $9.99 USD). So stay tuned and I will leave you with a song from The PaJanimals themselves.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to teach love

Button Heart
How do you teach love to your children when you are struggling to love yourself? That is my challenge right now. I have to teach two little ones that are looking to me to show them how to love themselves when I am knee deep in self doubt and self pity.

I am trying to make a better life for myself by keeping a roof over my head and my small kids, food on the table, clothes on their backs, and being there for them emotionally is priority one right now.

My needs and wants are second to the priorities I have listed above, however that doesn't show my kids anything about loving oneself because with little kids you need to lead by example. Self love and care is something that is a big thing for me. I wasn't taught that by my mother unless guilt trips, self loathing, self destruction is healthy. I have learned that way of life is not a path I want to follow.

However I look at myself and that is the path I have been following and I hate do not like what I am teaching my kids.

I have to put my priorities first when they are here and when they aren't. I have to find a way to motivate the heck out of me because if I don't I will be in the same place as I am now next year writing about the same issues and I feel like I am a failure. And that is NOT what I want to teach them.

So this year is all about learning with them to love the self and others the way we want to be treated. I don't want to be a welcome mat and I don't want to be a hard butt either. I am trying to find the line in which I can be who I am and still show them that self love is important and necessary for a healthy life.

Is there anything you all do that helps remind you to love your self with out books or people everyday to remind you about things that need to be done?

Monday, February 4, 2013


I have felt very alone in this world lately. No one to talk to about the issues facing me. I have many friends, however I feel that if I talk about my problems and just repeat them over and over again they tune out and not really listen.

Now with the divorce, I face another problem. His friends Vs My friends. Some of his friends I have gotten very close to over the years and they are part of the family example godparents to my little ones. Then there are the friends that I want to talk to however I don't want to say something about the X just to have them call him 10 minutes after I leave. The chance that they might do what I just described, is a really big fear and is stopping me from talking to them.

I don't know maybe I am over exaggerating or paranoid about opening up to them. However I don't want them to feel like they need to take sides, however the silence of them not talking, has made me think they will and I shouldn't be waiting invitations to their homes anytime soon.

Like I have to watch what I say here because of the public nature of the blogging world, however I do not feel isolated when writing. Just in real life I would love a few friends that would come over and take me out and about when I feel blue. Oh well, I guess I will wait for that to happen a little later down the year.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Telling my daughters I love them

Going through the divorce is painful let alone feeling isolated from the people you really love. My daughters have to spend two to five days away from me. I see them through modern day technology on those days through FaceTime an Apple app that allows me to see their eyes and hear their voices as well for them to see me and to hear my voice. Sometimes they laugh and are joyful around the iPad and sometimes they are not. That is when it hurts.

My youngest sometimes starts to cry for me and that is when it hurts to be on FaceTime. I don't want to stop just because of it though. I feel bad and I want to drive the 40+ miles to her to comfort her and to tell her it will be okay and sooth her to sleep. The x would not like that at all.

I want them have a connection when I can not be there. I want to let them know I love them and care for them. I want them to know that they can call me if they want at any time. I guess the later will happen when they get older however I want to set an open door for them to walk in and out of when they want.

Am I foolish to want to keep the connection alive? Am I banging my head against the wall when they are this small? Any advice?