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Monday, September 17, 2012

Sucked into Pinterest

I have been board and kind of old maidish since I have some time while my husband is in his world, so I have been throwing myself into finding how-to's and making clothes and other items for my little ones.


 Here is something I found on Pinterest. This pinafore is something I really wanted to try this because it looked so simple. From start to finish it was 30 minutes combined. I did mess up on the center as the skulls are upside down rather than the side skulls. I really wanted to make this reversible, I can still make more (which I plan to do) just this one is going to be one sided. I also made button holes! Its a small start and hopefully I can get to a point of selling them on my Etsy Shop and some Farmer's Markets next year. I'll post more things I made from Pinterest soon!