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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I puffy heart the Volt #VoltKlout

Day two of the three days I have this car. Though its small for tall people with two kids in the back (Can't stretch out in the seat like a thug), its still comfortable with the leather seats. I really like the HUD (Heads up Display) in the car. Even with the side Navigation turned on it still displayed the turn by turn directions where I could see it and with out the pings that the Prius uses to alert you to the turns.

There is a lot of space for little stuff. The eye glass area is just above the center console and it actually has a voltage out let in there as well. In the center console there is a outlet there too and a USB dock for the iPhone or any other gadget that you can think of. There is actually a rear camera that I don't use because I don't have one in my car and I am going to have to say good bye to the car tomorrow (wiping away a tear).

Tot's perspective she thinks its a beautiful car and the only draw back is not seeing the movies while driving.

I think it needs more trunk space as I have my Orbit stroller in back and I doubt that I could do a full grocery run in it. I think a bit bigger car like my RAV4 is best when kids are involved. I wouldn't mind having it for a commute car if I needed one. As I did go to San Mateo and back still on the electric battery.

**Please note I was given the car for three days and was not paid to write reviews about it.**

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