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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Take me home to the ball game #MLBMobyWrap

In October of 1987 I was 8 years old, a girl and never had a baseball bone in my body. My step dad spent his Saturday in the living-room glued to the afternoon TV. I wandered in, sat down and what I did not realize a program that would change my life. 

The program was the 1987 World Series. The Minnesota Twins vs the St. Louis Cardinals. I watched my step dad arguing with the TV and I wondered why. Then questions started.

Why are there four balls to three strikes? Why is it called a home run? Why after three outs do they changed sides? How many people are there on a team? Who, What, Where, Why, When and How. My step dad tried to keep up with the questions. With each change in the game there were new questions. The games I watched with him started a bond that he thought would never come to be with me. 

The Twins won the World Series and became my #1 team for that year. I didn't know about American Leagues or National Leagues, I didn't know much about the sport of Baseball, rankings, play-offs, even about the A's or the San Francisco Giants; however I knew that I bonded my step dad, I loved this new sport and life would never be the same after that fall of 1987. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

My daughters are baptized

Religion is not a major part of my life, however it did form my ideas about life and how I see religious figures. For me religion is something that can be talked about for ever and some one has a disagreement with any point. I don't throw my values in any one's face and usually I keep it pretty under the radar with religious mobojumbo because its not my place to say one religion is higher than the other.

I was baptized when I was seven or eight as a Lutheran. My husband was never baptized. We were married at Grace Cathedral in 2008 because I was baptized. That meant to me that if my children were to get married in the future, they too would have to be baptized. Even in today's world no matter if you are one religion or another, being baptized is still regarded in some form as currency and sociably accepted. Entrance in a school, marriage, some organizations and even in death, being baptized is a requirement.

So for me baptizing my kids was something important to them instead of having a bath tub baptism and preform it ourselves (we are universal life church persons) we chose to have the baptism at the place we were married. Grace Cathedral. 

They only do baptisms 4 times a year. We were lucky that the baptism was in June. Bella turns three in a less than two weeks and Grace will be 6 months old next Saturday. The next one would have been in November. Not the best time for the family (Thanksgiving and all.).

Here are some pictures that I took before the ceremony. I got more of Bella than of Grace, however I am planing on when Grace is older have her do almost the same pictures as these. I don't think I can recreate them however I can try and get them close.

 The above pictures I am going to save for Bella's wedding day it seems the perfect picture to give her when she's just married. Maybe have the one with her and her dad and a picture of them walking down the isle when she's about to get married. The only thing I wish is that darn back pack wasn't there.
 The lone picture of Grace as she looks at the alter. Also another picture of Bella however she looks like she's 5 or 6 in this picture. Well enough of my religious pictures and cuteness.

Tomorrow is the first installment of #MLBMobyWrap! Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

For my Blog Birthday - An MLB Moby Wrap! - UPDATED

San Francisco Giants Black (
I have been thinking about what to give readers for my blog birthday and now I know what to give one lucky reader. An MLB Moby Wrap of their chosen team!

This fits perfectly with my Blog Anniversary because the Major League Baseball All Star Break happens to be the same week!

***Details - Moby Wrap WILL BE sponsoring this giveaway!! Though Major League Baseball will not be sponsoring this giveaway!***

I am doing this because I love two things - BASEBALL and WRAPS!

I will be posting a few stories about my past visits baby wearing at AT&T Park with my oldest Bella and how my experience has changed with my youngest Grace.

Each post will have something to do with Baseball and Wraps whether it be the Moby Wrap or other ones I have used in the past. I will be placing a key word in each post and it will be used in the giveaway as well.

During the week of the All Star Break, July 9-13, I will post my final "Wrap" up posts for my love of Baseball and baby wearing. On my Blog "birthday" Friday, July 13, 2012; I will be posting a Rafflecoptter giveaway for that weekend for one of the awesome MLB wrap of your choice!

Thank you to the fine people at Moby Wrap for giving one away for this Blog-a-bration! And I have worn both of the SF Giants Wraps and just love them!

FAQs -
  1.  What if I don't live in the USA? Its fine! Just make sure you are in an area where Moby can ship to!
  2. What if I don't like baseball? WHAT?? This is also fine, if you love the Moby Wrap show your city pride, every one will think you love baseball!
  3. What if I win, however I have a friend that I won it for? Fine by me, when you get the winning email just let me know a name and address to ship the wrap to!
  4. What if I won and they don't have my favorite team? That is an issue! Right now Moby Wrap has 8 teams on the website. I hope that by the time the All Star Break Week comes around they will have more to chose from. If not, you can always go with the MLB team that is closest to your city. 
  5. Are you, Amanda going to get another MLB Wrap or another item for blogging about this giveaway and Moby Wrap? I am not nor will not receive any prize other than the joy of sending one lucky person their own MLB Moby Wrap. Its my present to you!