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Thursday, February 24, 2011

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How do you save for the future? This has been a dilemma for me up until my mom passed away. Yes I wasn't too happy about what happened and suffered for many months about the death of my mother.

However she did provide me with a means to pay off debt that I had to pay off. I also paid for my wedding (at least half of it) and sock some away for the future. A down payment for a house. A rainy day fund for when I was kicked out needed the money for a place to live until I could figure things out. I used some of it recently for a down payment for a car. I need to repay that back.

Finally me and my husband bought our first home. We used my inheritance from my grand father, like my mother did when my great grand dad passed, to put the down payment on it and used some of the money that was left in the "house" fund towards it.

Now I want to save it for the future and put money back into it so that my daughter and any future little one would have a little savings for school or an around the world vacation when they reach 18 yrs old. It's one or the other we can't afford both just yet... (come on lotto!)

I guess my question is that how do people sock money away and still try and live life with out killing their spouse?


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