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Monday, July 12, 2010

#GlueDots Family Bonding!

Glue Dots, what can I say? Its an awesome product. I was able to finish my baby girl's baby book after a year and a few weeks of dragging my feet. I didn't like the project because of all the placements of photographs and the time to get the tabs on the pictures correct. I am an avid scrap-booker and LOVE to play around with different glues and items that make my life a lot easier. The thing is I don't have a lot of space. My "scrapbook" table is an area the size of a large Tupperware container and I as I said my baby turned 1 year old this past June, so she is mobile with a vengeance!

The glue dots helped a lot, not only were they contained in the brightly colored labeled containers, they were fast and easy to put on the pictures. My favorite Glue Dot Product was the "Removable" Glue Dots. It helped a lot when I couldn't decide where a picture would go and then placed it on a page and deiced that I didn't want that picture next to another picture.

I love the packets of Glue Dots as well. Each one was individually marked on the back and I didn't have to guess which was the Mini dots and which were the removable. Glad to say I used almost every dot.

The only down side, yes there is a down side, is that they are a tad stretchy. Which means if you use the roller (which I did a lot) the dots tended to be a bit sticky on the adhesive roller and a few dots either stayed on the roller or came off in a longer dot then usual. But, you can't have a perfect product review with out at least one down side now can you?

Needless to say I enjoyed having the roller of Dots because I could have it around my baby with out her trying to stick small things in her mouth (I kept the paper sheets out of reach, until nap time) and my cats enjoyed playing with the empty cartridges (under my supervision of course!).

Here is a video describing my Dots adventure. It was the start of my Dots adventure in Summer Bonding,so its a tad rough, so relax enjoy and hit play!

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