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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birth of a Mom

Every one writes the Birth story for little one's and they are informative and very baby directive. This post is about the birth of my new persona in life the title Mom, MA-MA, mother, madre, okasan just to name a few of the many names for the title but when does it hit home?

I started to think about this before I was pregnant with my daughter. Does giving birth to a baby automatically give you the title? Or does it occur when your child looks at you and says the magical words MAMA! I didn't know because my mother wasn't the best roll model and I don't think her mother was either. But they respected the title of mother and when so when I was born I called my mother mom as well but as I got older and more aware that she wasn't like the other mom's that I knew at least for the hour or so that I was in their care, she wasn't like that. So I called her by her first name most of the time. It made her mad and said to call her Mom over and over again

When I was pregnant I didn't know if I'd ever be known as mom. I didn't feel like my life would need that title, as I didn't have a very good role model and she didn't have a very good role model herself as well. I kept telling myself I was going to have some one to take care of (to be continued)

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