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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I spy with my little eyes

I loved playing the eye spy game when I was little because I had so few friends. I felt like I was part of the action but wasn't getting to involved because the other kids didn't like that I was different then them. I was tall, had been put back a grade so I was that much taller than the kids in my class, felt akward that I didn't have the latest clothes and got pushed around a lot. So many things that people just called me names. I hated to be called Jolly Green Giant. And other tall jokes. I know kids can be mean but to me I didn't have anyone to vent to. Mom was drunk and put a good show when she was at the teacher's confrences.

I became what I spyed. A bully in Jr High. And people respected me the hard way. I learned in High School and actually got to appologize to some of the people that were scared of me.

Then one day I met an old bully from elemntary school. He remembered me from the school days and said he was sorry for treating me the way he did back then. I said don't feel or say sorry to me but say that to the people that I hurt because of what you did to me! I didn't keep in touch with him after that. I kinda wish I got at least his email address but what ya going to do now?

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