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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lefty v Righty

Talking about boobs for a second. In my few months of lactating for my little one, I have fought with them to produce more so they can keep up with the high demand of her needs. Each one is different in size and shape and output. I wish that they would be consistant with the out put each day is different and each hour is as different as the next.

I have also medicated them, well myself, with herbs and other wreid tasting teas. I am thinking about the health of my baby though and can live with out good tasting soda and beers. Though I have had some soda I have not yet had the PP taste of Guiness. I know for one pump I can but not wanting to be a snob I would rather have my baby have fresh off the tap then frozen right now.

In about a month or so I am faced with a decision that I have been putting off for the sake of my baby. Due to my depression (not the PPD but a harsher kind) I need to start taking my medication that would really be bad for baby. I put it off while I was pregnant because of the bad health risks that she could have devloped in the ute and I really wanted to boob feed because it helps with the development and I was boob fed. Kind of in a weird way returning a healthy life for my baby that my mother provided for me.

So the hard question is when do I stop for the health of my baby, in June or for my health in December? That is the question.

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