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Friday, October 2, 2009

Jamakin bacon

No not a recipe for jerk bacon but something my hubby might be doing with the rest of this year as once again the economy+industry+overall luck = job loss. I might have a job on Monday, I say this because I was at work for a full week and a half and I call in sick for two days. What a life huh? I can always go back temp though I wouldn't have the hours I do now and I might have to BART in to work. Or use the bug as primary transport around here. I am going on Monday start finding bills and paper work for the auto accident claim and hopefully that can supplement some for the bleeding (monies) for a month or two.

Tonight is have all the bills on the table night and see how much out of every paycheck we can afford to pay off so that we can be clear by 201o. Its only 2 months away but still it would be nice to have no debt. Well at least the majority of bills like Credit and an old debt my hubby has right now. If we can pull this off it would leave us one bill that is major and the monthly costs of running a house.

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