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Friday, October 30, 2009

fan following

So I don't know if I have a following or not. Don't want to go ol'skool and put up a ticker count but would like to know of anyone reads this or my other blogs because it's a little sad. I don't do major give-a-ways and I don't think some one should to get more readership though. Oh well I guess I'll be rambling on and soon hopefully I can turn my website into a Mecca!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pregnancy Withdrawl

I think I am being bitten by the baby bug again, but as I would need to spend another year at the work I am trying to get out of because of the medical and the certainty of having a paycheck. Also as the ticker on my side bar states there is another year before we (hubby and I) would feel comfortable TTC'ing again. My OBGYN says that she doesn't want me pregnant again for another year as well due to the C-Section I had, but I have a sneaking suspicion its to get me medicated and feeling like a new person, though I don't want to get pregnant with the medication that I am on. They are very harsh class C drugs (bad for baby in tummy and for Breast Feeding) and I am currently disobeying doctors orders for another month and a half so my baby can have 6 months of the Boob milk. I know its bad but its not like they can arrest me for taking that stance.

Its fun to look at my pregnancy blog (clicky) and see the tickers move backwards and then forwards because it goes on a due date that has no year date. But alas I have a healthy and happy four month old, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Maybe next year we can try for a 10/10/10 or an 11/11/11 or a 12/12/12 baby.

must have a title 2

Well MIL made up with me and everything is fine for now.

Now I want to make a web site dedicated to MIL stories and have people comment on them. Maybe there is one out there are ready.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

must have a title

Mil issues have sprung up. Yea, the person that is watching my baby. The latest issue is that I ignored her by not giving the baby over to her this past Sunday for hugs and kisses. I would have if she had not seen baby on Friday and shown up with two baby on bord sun shades signs in her window, when both me and hubby told her they were a waste of money and not like the car seat has a shade on it all ready.

Maybe I am a little jeilous about not having a desent car to drive so I can put one in my window but it's agrovating when it's your child and some one else acts like the mom!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So I have decided

To make my dream a reality. That's right a full blown website dedicated to my dream of visiting every Baseball park in the United States *Canada as well! As the Blue Jays still play in the Major Leagues*. I am going to try to shoot for the 2011 Season, but it may be 2012 or 2013 if I don't get sponsors because all the travel will cost MONEY! Though I am hopeful that MLB, ESPN or local news agencies will jump on board since, Hehhem I am a woman that loves baseball and would be willing to travel for cheep and sit in the bleachers. If I do get the sponsorships I hope that I get to run on the field of each ball park or throw out the first pitch for at least two games or even at the All Star game! That would be so AWESOME!

Actually had desent sleep last night

I was very tired last night and hubby help put baby to sleep but I wasn't in the frame of mind to reset the clock and have some good loving from the Hubby. I really did try to wake up but that's how tire I was. any way I had actual deep sleep for more than 20 minutes and still feel like I can get 8 hrs more of the good sleep. Right now I am trying to help hubby put baby to sleep and it looks like its working.... Maybe not.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

yatta yatta yatta

Tired, hungry and looking forward to seeing my daughter in a little more than an hour. Hubby is looking for another job. Maybe he might work a second just for the weekends. That means me picking up the slack a lot more than I have been. *side eyes* Since I am taking care of Bella I can't get a second job so to speak. I can but I don't want her to grow up with Grandma as her PCG. I would love to work at home so I can earn some extra monies and have a second income to my first.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wish I had a do over

In life there are challenges that you want to do over. With me it would be pregnancy and this home. I know that there is no re-doing something that is pretty much done but if I had something like that I would have to say I wouldn't have gotten pregnant until I moved to Portland and had my own home with a separate room for the baby. I LOVE my little one to death and I wouldn't have it any other way, but with my stuff, my hubby's stuff and my dear daughters stuff in a one bedroom duplex and two cats (Can't forget them!) space is very limited and its getting on my nerves. I think because of my DD's sleep habits, my back injury and a few other things that are beyond my control I have a limit on what is going to be clean for the next few months. I just wish I had a do over button so I could be in a better situation than what I have now so that the WHOLE family can be happy with the space around them and I don't have to look at any boxes except for the ones we pack Christmas ornaments in for the next year. I can finally paint a color in a room and have stuff hanging on the walls and feel that I own something instead of looking at what we could have had in a REMAX listing. I know play a teeny tiny violin for me but I have money in the bank and I should just go up there and buy something but with out an income up there and simi struggling down here its a perfect dose of Foreclosure for me and I don't want that for myself or my family.

Friday, October 16, 2009

don't know what to do

I really want out of my job but as hubby is living day by day at his job though his benefits go through me so we don't stress out about that untill I quit then it will get hectic. I also have to worry about baby now. I think hubby can get insurance for all of us. I have pre existing up the yin/yang!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Donations for Christmas

I want to help a charity this winter but I don't know which one to do. There are a lot in these hard times that need any penny that we can spare. Yes, baby related ones always tug at the heart strings, but what about unicef that help children around the world, or the local shelter that feeds the homeless? Or local women shelter that helps women and children of all ages not just infants. I also don't want to have people donate just because they win prizes, yes its nice to have a reward in these times for giving, but aren't we taught that giving is better than receiving? Especally during the Christmas holiday. (I know its before Halloween, but strolling down your local Target they have Christmas lights and decorations in their isles now.)

I always feel that I am one paycheck away from needing help myself. I am not going to lie to myself and say I can't be affected. I think that is why I don't know what charity to sponsor a major money drive.

So in the coming weeks I will be featuring 3 or 4 organizations that could use the help. I don't know how to put up fancy clicky buttons, but I will try. I don't know if I will be able to give away headbands or find Uber nice sponsors that are willing to raffle off their wears, I do have a 4 month old to take care of, but again its better to give than receive right?

If you want to help please leave comments on this post.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


::hits head on desk:: got nothing to do except wait on hold. It feels like an eternity but it's been 5 minutes so far. Then I don't have much going on except for answering phones and then go home :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

how far can we go?

Today or tomorrow hubby finds out if he has a job for the next 6 months. He would love it if he did that way we can pay off A Lot of debt and be in good shape for a home loan!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

keep on truckin

Soon to be blogging in style. I want to express my artsy side but like essay writing it seems to get stuck somewhere between my head and eyes because I still have my 4th grade teacher's voice saying "That is not art! Class look at the scribblings "AP" did." And every one looking at my art and laughing at me. Yes that was years ago but still it has haunted me since. Hopefully with my Bella I can get out of the shell and break into a mode that was stolen from me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jamakin bacon

No not a recipe for jerk bacon but something my hubby might be doing with the rest of this year as once again the economy+industry+overall luck = job loss. I might have a job on Monday, I say this because I was at work for a full week and a half and I call in sick for two days. What a life huh? I can always go back temp though I wouldn't have the hours I do now and I might have to BART in to work. Or use the bug as primary transport around here. I am going on Monday start finding bills and paper work for the auto accident claim and hopefully that can supplement some for the bleeding (monies) for a month or two.

Tonight is have all the bills on the table night and see how much out of every paycheck we can afford to pay off so that we can be clear by 201o. Its only 2 months away but still it would be nice to have no debt. Well at least the majority of bills like Credit and an old debt my hubby has right now. If we can pull this off it would leave us one bill that is major and the monthly costs of running a house.