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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Year ago and Today

One year ago I was worried that I wouldn't get pregnant, had a major tooth cap problem and worried about money.

Today, I have a 3 month old, the cap on my tooth is fixed and I am still worried about money.

My worries:
My 3 month old: how we can afford college as it is going to be many more thousands than I can count on my little fingers (Hoping for a scholarship!). How she will like or dislike her parental figures in the future (I guess time will tell). How MIL will impact the next 6 months she has her in her care and I won't have a HUGE say in what goes on.

How we are going to find and afford a house in a city a thousand miles away *only 650 miles, but feels like a thousand miles away* Have a down payment but no house prospects yet.

Money is always a topic of worry. Since I had my baby I have been getting GOV checks and they were coming pretty regularly until this past month and then because of a change in delivery (Me) the checks stopped and now I am past due on a few bills. I worry that I won't get enough money from the accident insurance claim and then I have to pay people and start saving for my 3 month old's college fund. I just don't know what to do.
I signed up for a work at home and since I was, is and still am depressed so I paid $250 for some products and thought I could do it but with a lack of support from my Hubby and all of the weird things in my brain, I quit. But as the products are still in my house I keep thinking about the what if and can I really do what they what me to do. I keep coming back to wanting the best for my little one.

Speaking of the little one I must attend to the dear or she's going to blow a blood vessel.

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