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Saturday, September 19, 2009

mas leche

In order for me not to freak about my milk I made a spread sheet. Why you ask? Because with out it I would be spending long hours with the pump attached to my boobs and losing my ever freaking mind tring to see if I made enough to feed my baby. So far to date I have made 86 oz minus 9 oz she ate Friday so in total I am up 77 oz (does happy dance) for her to eat during the week and I should pump 5 times. Once in the morn before work, each 15 min brakes, once at lunch and before she gets home from GranCare. The oz should rack up but I am told and read that it, like life, ebs and flows with stress. So my goal for the next two months is not to stress out to the point of dropping my supply to zero. That would be bad!

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