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Saturday, September 26, 2009

if men had the kids

Then there would be the following:
1. Leave from work for 6 months, not 12 weeks.
2. Men would understand why women get pissed of at MIL's but instead FIL's
3. Breastfeeding would become an actual sport and so would baby shuffleboarding (Malcome in the Middle reference - does anyone remember that show? I do - "life is unfair")

I write this with the realization that my own MIL is about to be primary care giver to my little one and with my lack of trust of maternal women in my life a big new adventure is coming on Monday of going to work full time, last week was awesome because I worked for 6 hrs, pumping in weird places and sending my baby to MIL care in which I have spent a grand total of 25 days with. To me I need to spend a bit more time get to know her. My hubby says I am "over reacting" because of my lack of family and not having a loving relationship with my mother. And I would be better at this if I was on meds. Umm I think not. Meds would be good and relaxing, but going to trust some one he calls "crazy" as well but follows it up with "I got to love her" is not really confidence boosting to me! Also she goes wacko on trying to have things for my daughter. She wants to buy an air purifier for the trailer. She says it's to protect my daughter. I think that's BS. Just say it's for yourself and I'll be ok with it. Also she washes things before she gives it to us: she bought my daughter Bee tights and washed them. A few months a go while I was still pregnant, she washed a shirt that she gave me and appologized that it was still wet and a tad wrinkly. Umm we do have a washer/dryer at our house and I could have washed it myself. And when I say I want to buy my daughter something she puts it in the cart and buys it for me. I guess that is good but everytime? I need to go to bed and put pump stuff away. Thanks for reading.

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